Mozzetta / Mz

Solid marking starting right under the centaurs chin, reaching their upper torsos waist and forearms.
Mozzetta can picture intricate edges or be completely faded. 

Marking Edges

Marking rules

  • Mozzetta has no layering rules and can sit over or under anything.
  • Mozzetta can be darker or lighter than the base color. Markings color must be similar with basecolors saturation value. The color can be picked from the basecolor slider or natural color slider.
  • Mozzetta is an uniform marking, and cannot be broken into pieces.
    It cannot have any holes in it either. 
  • Mozzetta always covers the centaurs neck, and in minimum expression creates a band around the neck. The marking "spreads out" from the neck down.
  • Mozzetta can be asymmetrical or symmetrical.

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