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" There is much to learn, and with every new answer, comes two more new questions.
Don't worry, there's no such things as stupid questions! "

Questions & Answers

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Is this a beginner friendly ARPG?

I wouldn't call Sagittari the easiest first ARPG, but we aim to make Sagittari welcoming to all experience levels. Beginners are more than welcome, and admins are here to help in need.

Is Sagittari an age-restricted ARPG?

I personally wouldn't recommend Sagittari to under 15 year old players. Sagittari is designed for mature players.

Can my Centaur be a handler/owner for another arpg species? 

From our side, yes! But make sure from the other ARPG if a centaur is acceptable handler.

Can I upload art to other sites besides DeviantArt?

Yes, but to get EXP and loot you have to have the art submitted to DeviantArt group folders. Read more at Art Rules.

Are photo manipulations acceptable for EXP?

Currently no.

I want to equip a weapon to my centaur. Are the weapon items swords, or can I choose how they look? And do I need an item to add them?

You absolutely can choose! All equipment are up to owners imagination to decide how they look. They can be swords, spears or bow and arrow, etc. As long as they're not modern weapons. You will need an official equipment item and apply it to your centaur through import updates to be able to have a weapon artwork in their import.

Can I upload my centaurs import to character hub sites, such as Toyhouse?

Only after they have officially been approved through design approval and uploaded to official master list, yes! But remember to credit Isle of Sagittari, linking to the group website or DeviantArt group. Removing credits presented in the import art is strictly forbidden and will result in official warning or even ban.

Can my centaur learn magic? Or picture them using magic?

No and no. Magic is viewed as mythical tales of old. Legends and stories. No centaur is currently available to perform magic, and cannot be pictured performing magic.

Can I picture creatures from other ARPG's with my centaur?