Game Activities

Welcome to the game activities!

There are currently 6 different activity categories: Exploring, Survival, Culture, Research, Battles and Events.

Performing activities with your centaur earns you Activity Rolls.
If you are unfamiliar with the term, you can read more about it here!

Each activity gives unique loot drops, which can be used in crafting,
sold in the shop, and collecting achievements (coming soon!) 

Sometimes, special loot will drop. This loot can increase your centaur's stat points,
drop a treasure chest or even allow you to find lost centaurs.

┌─────────────── ∘°❉°∘───────────────┐ 

One activity entry can feature one type of activity. This includes sub-categories, such as Survival with hunting and gathering. One Survival entry can hold only gatherings, or only huntings, and so on.
One Exploring entry can feature exploring on one area. 

└─────────────── °∘❉∘° ───────────────┘ 

Isle of Sagittari doesn't currently allow activity sheets or grids.
Activity sheets are submissions with multiple activity rolls for the same creature. Basically, think of comic book pages with multiple images on one "sheet." In Sagittari, each activity entry needs to be separated into its own individual submission, since each centaur can only roll once per submission. If you have multiple images/scenes in a submission, only one will be counted.

Redeeming loot from activities

Loot redeeming works through DeviantArt journal threads. Submit your activity entry to the group's (link) correct gallery folder. Once your submission is processed and you have received EXP, you can redeem the loot.

Sagittari differs from other arpg's by not automatically rolling activity loot.
Instead, it's the centaur owners responsibility to redeem loot by posting their activity entry to the right journal comment thread.
 There, admins will work through the threads and process redeemed loot from oldest to newest.

Make sure to fill out your loot redemption forms correctly and post them to the correct threads to make the process as smooth as possible for you and the admins!

>Proceed to Loot Redeeming journal<

Activity Trackers

You will need a DeviantArt based Activity Tracker with at least ONE comment thread where an admin can post your loot roll. It can be a journal or a deviation post, but is not a recommended platform. The important thing is that an admin can reply there without any problems. 

Currently trackers on other platforms, such as google drive, are not allowed.

You are free to organize your tracker however you want, but if you need inspiration you can check out this example activity tracker HERE. (Coming soon!)