You can build your centaur skills with stat points. The stats available to your centaur are:
Strength  |  Stamina  |  Speed  |  Intelligence  |  Defense  |  Charisma 

Stat points currently affect in Battles. There might come more activities in the future where stat points
matter in the activity outcome.
Stat points have a chance to inherit from parent to offspring as well. 
Current point roof is +10 per stat point. This might be extended in the future. Stat boosting equipment, like armor and weapons, don't add to this 10 point limit, but sit on top of it.

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  • Your physical strength. The might of your capabilities!


  • How durable you are, how long will your energy and strength last


  • How well can you move, how fast can you be


  • Capacity of your mind and knowledge. Booksmarts and streetsmarts alike


  • How good you are protecting yourself


  • Do you have the power to influence others and charm them 

Where can I get more stat points?

Certain loot items from activities, defeating battle challengers, equipping armor pieces and weapons (Shop & Crafting ). 

Stat boosting loot items are directly applied to your centaurs stat points, and the item is consumed. They aren't listed as items, as they don't count as items or equipment. Once stat boosting loot item is applied, it cannot be removed.

Equipment however are listed in items, and can be removed and returned to vault.

Stat boosting loot items

If you are lucky, you might come across some stat boosting items in your adventures. The items and their rumored locations are:

Aurora Particles,  +3 Stamina | Explore - Northern Mountains & Battles
Blessed Compass, +3 Intelligence | Explore - Lakelands
Cape of Royalty, +3 Charisma | Culture Activity
Cave painting, +3 Strength | Explore - Boreal Forestlands
Charm of Might, +3 Speed | Explore - Grassland Plateau
Iridescent scales, +3 Defense | Explore - Seashores

Stat boosting equipment:

Gambeson                                 +1 To centaurs Stamina
Leather Armor                          +3 To centaurs Stamina
Plate Armor                              +5 To centaurs Stamina 

Simple Helmet                           +1 To centaurs Intelligence
Steel Helmet                              +3 To centaurs Intelligence
Enhanced Knights Helmet       +5 To centaurs Intelligence 

Wooden Shield                       +1 To centaurs Defense
Reinforced Shield                   +3 To centaurs Defense
Premium Shield                      +5 To centaurs Defense 

Wooden Weapon                     +1 To centaurs Strength
Iron Weapon                             +3 To centaurs strength
Enhanced Steel Weapon         +5 To centaurs strength