Affiliates & Commissions


Isle of Sagittari is open for affiliates with ARPG's, RPG games,
and other creative projects!

What we are looking for:
Shared events and activities
Co-working species's

We are open for suggestions! If you feel like your rpg's theme or overall nature is similar to Sagittari, feel free to send us a note on DeviantArt. ♥ 

We hold the right to decline suggestions if we feel it doesn't fit Sagittaris theme or nature.

Our current Affiliates


EXP bonus, upcoming events & goodies


As the game and it's budget grows, Sagittari will aim to support independent artists by commissioning art and graphics. These include import backgrounds, special item arts, customization related decorations, promo art and anything else that comes up! 

We take suggestions for artists and are open for commission quotes. If you want to offer your art services or know somebody you'd like to recommend, send a note to Sagittari's DeviantArt group!