We start forming relationships from early age on. Forever friends, enemies for life, partners in crime and joy.

By completing set prompts your centaur can form different kind of relationships to other players centaurs.
These relationships earn your centaur a badge on their import's trophy wall,
and f
eaturing officially tied relationships in artwork & literature earns the centaurs +2 EXP.
 Stacks for max 3 centaurs with your centaur, so max is 6 exp from this bonus.

You are free to give your centaurs in-lore relationships outside this game mechanism. 


  • Your centaur can form relationships with other players centaurs as well as your own centaurs.
  • One centaur can have all available relationship types and their max limits tied. 
  • One type of relationship per the two taurs. Same duo cannot have two different relationship types. 
  • You need to complete all 5 prompts to achieve the relationship.
    Prompts are listed under each relationship type. These prompts don't need to be completed in the order they are listed.

    Relationship prompt artwork/literatures cannot be used as other activities, and they need to be posted to Relationships gallery folder.
    One prompt entry can be used to form a relationship between 2 centaurs. Bystanders for EXP are allowed, but these bystanders cannot use the entry for activity rolls or other activities.

    You can use old artwork for these prompts if they fit the prompt description.

  • You can remove a relationship with a centaur, but that puts your centaur on 30 day cooldown on that specific relationship type before they can form another relationship.
  • If your centaur already has a relationship with a taur and you wish to change the relationship type to something else, cooldown isn't placed. Then you just need to complete the desired relationship's prompts and submit them.

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in your relationship prompt:

  • Fullbody presentation of both relationship tying centaurs, with colors, shading and complex background.


  • 1200 minimum wordcount literature, with both centaurs evenly present. 

When forming a relationship between centaurs who are owned by different players, all prompt entries need to be an evenly made collab between the owners.

Imports: Both centaurs imports that will form this relationship 
Relationship type:
Completed prompts: (list all prompts here. The prompts need to be rolled for EXP and accepted into group first!) 


Lifelong or passing by, we tie friendships through our life even if we may not realize it.
Each centaur can tie 3 official friendships.


  • Shared interests
    Do you two have some shared interests, hobbies for example?
    Draw or write about the shared interest between these two friends. 
  • Adventuring together
    Sagittari Isle is large with long distances, and long travels are part of living there. 
    Draw or write about these two friends traveling together. Will their travels together go smoothly,
    or are they a disaster from start to finish?
  • Where it all started
    How did these two become friends in the first place?
    Draw or write about how, why or when did these two centaurs start their friendship.
  • Through thick and thin
    Life isn't always easy, and fate likes throwing her ordeals at us. But thankfully we have friends to help us get through the troubles.
    Draw or write about these centaur friends supporting each other in some way.
  • Loyalty
    Could you turn your back on your friend out of a whim, or betray them if dared to do so?
    Draw or write about these centaur friends showing loyalty to each other in some way. 


Have you heard before that you have this and that centaurs eyes? 
Each centaur can tie 3 official relationship with family members. (They don't have to be officially lineage related)


  • This is my family!
    How are you related to this familymember of yours?
    Draw or write a general introduction on how these two centaurs are related.
  • Lineage
    What comes with your lineage, or do you even know your familys lineage? Any hidden skeletons perhaps?
    Draw or write an entry where these family members family history is the main topic.
  • Family time
    Some good ol' quality time... or is it
    Draw or write about how these family members spend time together.
  • Traditions
    Does your family have their own traditions or habits, that you either love or hate?
    Draw or write about traditions this family has.
  • Pride or Shame
    Every family has their black sheep, or that cousin every grandparent praises
    Draw or write an entry where family shames or topics of pride is the main focus.

Found Family

To be a family doesn't require sharing same bloodline, being romantic partners or being adopted into a family.
As many centaurs as there is on the isle, there's as many definitions of family as well.
Each centaur can tie 3 official found family relationships


  • We found each other
    The fated first meeting, how the found family members, well, found each other.
    Draw or write about how these two centaurs originally met.
  • Hardships
    There is no such thing as easy relationships. But what doesn't break a relationship hopefully makes it stronger.
    Draw or write about the hardships these found family members have faced.
  • Connected by Fate
    And now I announce you as found brothers! Or are the centaurs themselves even sure how this bond came to be?
    Draw or write about how these two centaurs formed their familial bond, or them discussing it some way.
  • Feelings are hard
    They sure are. Are emotions shown within this found family?
    Draw or write an entry where the emotional connection between these two found family centaurs is the main focus.
  • Shared time
    Life can be pretty hectic on the Sagi isles sometimes. So it's nice to just chill with your found family.
    Draw or write an entry where the found family members share some quality time together.

Romantic partner

Not even death shall do us apart, my darling.
Each centaur can tie 3 official romantic relationship.


  • A Heart of Butterflies
    Sometimes you know you're in love right away, other times, it hits you at the worst possible moment!
    Draw or write an entry where either one of the lovebirds realized their feelings towards the other.
  • Our kind of date
    A nice picnic on a flower field, or raiding a nearby village. There's something for everyone!
    Draw or write about these two centaurs going on their kind of date.
  • Confessing your feelings
    Everyone shows their crushes in different ways! Often it's the most nerve-wrecking thing there can be. How did it play out between these two lovebirds? 
    Draw or write about how these centaurs confessed their feelings to each other.
  • Introductions
    Time to meet family and friends! All cousins and grandmas are excited to meet your new sweetheart, even the nosy neighbors and ghosts of your ancestors.
    Draw or write about the romantic couple meeting friends or family of either or both sides.
  • Handfasting
    We have gathered here to celebrate the union of these two lovers... or wait, is there even guests around?
    Draw or write the ceremony or celebration where these two lovebirds officially became a couple.
    It can be small and private, or grande celebration with hundreds of guests! 


You just really don't get along huh?
Each centaur can tie 3 official rival relationships.


  • Beginning of all
    So what started this rivalry then, they stole your cabbages?
    Draw or write about how these two centaurs became "enemies".
  • Encounters
    If you see them somewhere, do you immediately throw a nearest tree at them, or just flip unsavory handsignals?
    Draw or write about how a typical encounter between these two centaurs usually goes.
  • Nature of rivalry
    So let's dive deeper... Why?
    Draw or write an entry where the main topic is reasons why these two centaurs consider each other as their enemy, rival, or just generally why they dislike each other. 
  • Worst incident
    When did you two went overboard with your rivalry.
    Draw or write about the worst encounter these two have had.
  • Truce?
    Will there ever be a day when the war axe gets buried and forgotten.
    Draw or write an entry where the focus is on if there's ever a chance for peace between these two centaurs.