Are you ready to discover the secrets of this vast world?

Exploring is an activity where your centaur adventures around the Sagittari isles!
Let your creativity flow and explore through the five currently available areas. More areas will be discovered as the activity around the island increases. 

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in your explore activity to be eligible for loot:

  • Fullbody presentation of your centaur, with colors, shading and full background.

  • 800 wordcount literature for one activity participating centaur, with most of the literatures wordcount focusing on the activity itself. If more centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount. Example: 3 activity rolls in literature with two extra centaurs is 800 + 400 + 400 = 1600 words.
  • The explore entry needs to clearly represent the exploration area presented in the activity form.
  • Comic explores must feature at least one fullbody frame of the activity roll receiving centaur, and the comics focus needs to clearly be on exploring.

There can be a MAX of 4 activity participating centaurs that can roll for loot in one piece, if there are more than 4 centaurs, all after the first 4 can only get EXP, not loot. 

Explore entries are rolled for rewards the same way as other activities.
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Remember that loot can be claimed AFTER your activity entry has been accepted to the group!

There isn't currently minimum artwork size for activity entries. The participating centaurs however need to be properly recognizable, and follow simplicity rules presented in EXP guide. If admins cannot recognize the centaurs or they appear too simplistic due small size, the loot roll can be denied.

You don't need to post a form in the activity submission. The form will be used in the collective thread for all activity loot, and it's the centaur's owner's responsibility to remember to redeem the loot.

Explore Areas

Boreal Forestlands

AlexeiEbel - Wikimedia Commons
AlexeiEbel - Wikimedia Commons

Boreal forestlands consist mostly of lush coniferous forests full of pines, spruces, and larches. The forests are cut by small streams that travel through the lands. You can find occasional small ponds, ruins of ancient buildings, and historical sites. The forests are dense and the terrain can be hard to get through, and it can be easy to get lost, so tread carefully. 

Possible loot: Lichen, Pinecones, Moss, Shed antler, Lupine, Cuprite,
Amulet, Gold nugget, Cave painting, Chip of Meteorite
, Treasure chest, Lost centaur geno

Northern Mountains 

Vyacheslav Argenberg - Wikimedia Commons
Vyacheslav Argenberg - Wikimedia Commons

Rough barren lands with not much life around, the snow melts from distant, high mountain tops and glaciers reach down towards the lowlands below. Together, they create streams of murky water, spring is a dangerous time here due to landslides and winters can be extremely harsh. However, the mountains are a land of mysticism and those who dare explore them may find valuable treasures.

Possible loot: Nice lil rock, Chunk of Ice, Owl feathers, Snowball, Silver nugget,
Shaman Drum, Ice Butterfly, Rune pieces, Aurora Particles, Diamond, Treasure chest, Lost centaur geno

Grassland plateau

Sameera Withanage - Wikimedia commons
Sameera Withanage - Wikimedia commons

The green valleys of the grassland plateaus are favored by many and it's no surprise. The land is fertile, perfect for farming and finding resources, covered in dense vegetation and wild flowers while deciduous trees provide cooling shade. 

Possible loot: Green Carnation, Dandelion, Pieces of wood, Bone fragments, Echinacea, Iron ore, Lost jewelry,
Bird's Skull, Star shard, Charm of Might, Treasure chest, Lost centaur geno


Marc Kjerland -  Wikimedia commons
Marc Kjerland - Wikimedia commons

The lakelands could just as well be called the wetlands, some areas even swampish. You will get your feet wet when traveling through here. The vegetation is dense and challenging to get through as there are no clear paths or roads, but there are treasures just waiting to be found in the lakes.

Possible loot: Reeds, Clay, Bucketful of water, Rotten log, Waterlily, Limonite, Water hemlock,
Petrified wood, Blessed Compass, Treasure chest, Lost centaur geno


Vyacheslav Argenberg - wikimedia commons
Vyacheslav Argenberg - wikimedia commons

The Sagittari isles are surrounded by wild seas. Countless accessible seashores hold all sorts of treasures seas brought in from other worlds. Some are hard to get to and some are shores no-one has ever explored before. Be careful, there are sharp rocks, steep cliffs and stormy seas crashing against the shores.

Possible loot: Seasalt, Shells, Empty bottle, Abandoned fishing net, Amber, Narwhal Tusk, Starfish,
Shark tooth, Pearl, Iridescent scales, Treasure chest, Lost centaur geno