Earth Giant

The Earth Giant, also falsely known as the mother earth, was the first giant to be revived back to life in Sagittari isle's modern age. Seeing her as a deity of all growing life, the Disciples of Ancient Faith wanted to bring her back alive first to aid them in their quest of bringing ancient balance back into the isle. What the Disciples weren't expecting was the blind madness the Earth Giant was in as she awoke. She crawled out from her sea bed prison, barren, without life. This made her furious, and blinded with rage she started her march, crushing everything on her path.

Her body is like petrified wood. It seems organic and has natural feel to it, but it's much more durable and harder to get through than any living tree. Yet despite this, she seems to be terrified of fire.

Earth Giant is tall and lanky in her centaur-like build. Trees grow all the way from top of her head to her tailless back. The leaves these trees have don't seem to match with any currently living tree. She moves surprisingly smoothly considering her size. Unwavering like a large oak tree in a storm, it takes enormous strength to bring her down.

Inside a hole on her upper torso is a crystallized core. This core is one of the powers keeping the giant alive. If you are lucky and manage to make a crack on it, thick tar like life substance will flood out.