Clothing guide

Clothes are a fun way to express your centaurs character! Clothing can be applied to imports through Fashionista customization item, but you can picture your centaur in artwork and literatures even without officially applied clothes. 

However, clothes are taken into consideration in EXP counts. 
General rule of thumb is, that if the clothing, prop or accessory is obscuring your centaurs bodyshape/their general form, they will receive EXP based on what is visible from their form.

See the examples below and how they would get counted for easier understanding! 

Example artwork done by Crashfurs

Form fitting clothing that doesn't hide your centaurs anatomy still gives full EXP points without penalties.

Example 1: Clothing pieces aren't considered obscuring if they sit neatly on the body, still showing the body's form/shape. This kind of clothes expression will receive full Fullbody points.
Example 2: Capes that flow behind the centaur aren't a problem as long as any parts of it is not covering any significant parts of the centaur. The upper torso clothing piece is still form-fitting and not baggy or otherwise form obscuring, so this example would receive Fullbody points.
Example 3: There is lots of details going on with this examples clothing. It is a very 50/50 case, and going any bigger/flowier/baggier with the clothing pieces together could start causing penalties. The cape and upper torso clothing pieces are still okay, as well as the gloves. If the pouch and fur detail would be any bigger, they would be considered too obscuring. This example will still earn full Fullbody points.

Equipment, armor and props may reduce your centaurs points if they obscure their form or hide the centaur behind them.

Example 1: The upper torso isn't fully obscured, as neither the cape or the shirt aren't covering the body's form. These clothing pieces alone wouldn't reduce points. The lower torso meanwhile is highly obscured by the decorative mantles, so the body form under them isn't visible. Thanks to some of legs showing, this example will receive Halfbody points.

Example 2: Large objects the centaur is carrying in front of them will reduce points, and points are counted based on visible parts. In this case, the centaur will receive Halfbody points.

Example 3:  Medium sized objects carried in front of the body can also hide the body, leaving the Exp count to only visible parts. In this case, as the shield is mostly hiding the lower torso and legs, they will receive Halfbody points.

Very loose, flowy and large clothing pieces that obscure the centaurs form will reduce the EXP points. Points are counted based on visible body, and if the body form can't be seen under the flowy clothing, they can't be counted for.

Example 1: Only Headshot points, as the body is completely hidden under the loose cloak
Example 2: Halfbody points, as the upper torso is completely hidden under the loose poncho.
Example 3: Halfbody points. There is some vague sleeve, but the fluffy furcoat is still obscuring the upper torso too much to properly see it's form.