Welcome traveler, to the promised land of centaurs: The Isle of Sagittari!

The Isle of Sagittari is an arpg (Art Role Playing Game) that launched on June 2023. First self-owned arpg of its founder, Sagittari features a growing variety of different centaur types. The arpg's focus is to encourage its players' creativity, storytelling, and character building through an ever expanding list of activities to participate in.

Our main working platforms are this website, and DeviantArt. The admin user SagittariAdmin stores the masterlist of accepted official Sagittari centaur imports. Game mechanics are rolled through Isle of Sagittari's DeviantArt group
You are also warmly welcomed to check our public Discord!

To get to know our currently available centaur types, head over to species information. If you are curious to see what genes we currently have in the game, they can be found in our markings page. 

If you are new to ARPG's, it's recommended to check Beginners guide and How to get started

And remember, if you have any questions you are free to come talk at our Discord, or head over to Questions.
We are happy to help! ♥

Happy browsing!