Admin applications are CLOSED

What kind of people are we currently looking for?

- People with skills and precision to work with numbers
- People with patience and aspiration to help growing a brand new ARPG
- Help with moderating Discord
- Ability to work independently

How to apply:

Send a note to SagittariAdmin on Deviantart. Please tell a little bit about yourself, availability to work, and your ARPG and/or admin experience. Free form application!

If you have sent an application previously, please resend one if you are still interested in an admin position! 

Admin requirements

  • At least 18 years old when applying
  • Some previous experience in ARPG's
  • Admin/mod experience is a plus, but not a must
  • Fluent or otherwise good English communicating skills
  • Tech savvy, especially experience on dealing with DeviantArt and Discord

Current Sagittari staff

RoutArt - Founder
Naxillion - Admin
Munarogue - Admin
Empiredog - Admin
PinkusDean - Admin

LadyArcadian - Admin
Mansikkana - Adminn
Crashfurs - Admin
Daydav - Admin
DinoRat - Admin 

Admin compensation

Admin work doesn't reward monetary compensation or wages. Admin work is always volunteer work with no legally binding contracts. There is however certain rules and obligations admins must follow to make sure the game is fair,
and admins do not and won't receive special treatment.
Being an admin shouldn't be considered as "position of power" or an exploit to get "better" at the game. If you are interested in working to better the game and players experience, it's the passion that should be the main motivator. 

Even if being an admin is a volunteer work, there is rewards point system. Running an arpg requires time and effort, and for those efforts, admins can collect admin points and use them to choose in-game goods.