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> Download official Sagittari imports HERE <

How to read your genotype?

Let us use one of our wonderful starters, S-04 Swiftwind as an example,
how she came to be from a text genotype, to finished official import.

This is Swift's genotype, showing all relevant info we need to design her. It shows that she is a female, and Equine type, so we need to download Female Equine import baseart.

The import art opens with empty grey basecolor. Each import comes with 3 free to choose hair lengths and tails, each stored in their own folders. For Swift, we chose Medium hair and Tail 1. Then we can start coloring and designing.

Swift's genotype shows that her basecolor is the uncommon Warm Brown. With that knowledge, we head to Basecolors to pick her right color.

Now Swift has her basecolor, and I went ahead and colored her hair, tail and extra areas as well. Remember to check their design guide from General Design Guide.

With basecolor set, we can now start working with her markings. Swiftwind has Shaded, Pinto, Colorpoint and Oculus.
Remember to follow the markings rules when designing them to best of your abilities, so we can get your centaur to game as smoothly as possible. 
Swift doesn't have any, but there are also 2 markings that are free to use on any designs, without needing to be on written genotype: Freckles and Natural White & Black.

Now Swift has her markings. Remember, that there isn't only one correct way to display the markings, and designs containing same genes can look widely different from each other. Layering, color use, minimal vs maximum expression make every marking on every centaur unique.

I personally recommend creating every marking to it's own individual layer, to help you keep track of the markings while designing.

Technically her design is now finished! However, you can do finetuning and detailing with nuances, such as coloring inner lineart. Read more about them at the end of page General Design Guide

After coloring her linearts in, giving some nuance details to her eyes and ears, and placing stroke and outer glow around her borders, Swiftwind would now be ready for Design Approvals!