Design Approvals

When your design is ready, you can submit your centaur for approvals!
Here's a check list to make sure you are good to go:

  • Make sure you have your ownership proof of the geno saved.
  • Doublecheck that all genes and colors are presented in the design.
  • Doublecheck that you've filled out the import text template.
  • If you are using items with the design, make sure they are in your vault before submitting the design.

>Reply HERE to submit your design for APPROVAL<

Link to Design: (TEXT link only)
Design notes: (Your message to design approval admins. For example, about layering markings)
Proof: (Link to your geno comment)

>Reply HERE to redeem semicustom genotypes!<

Link to genos purchase proof
: (This is the reply from Sagittari admin confirming your purchase after it has been paid )
Sex: (Male/Female) 
Type: (Equine, Cervine, Feline or Canine)
Genotype: (If you're not sure about writing genos correctly, you can leave this empty)
Phenotype: (Chosen basecolor and markings)
Mutation: (Delete if none) 

Potion of Rebirth redesigns
Potion of Rebirth allows you to redesign your centaurs genetics based markings, basecolor and other colors. You can also change free hairstyles and tails. Customization edits still need appropriate items.

Please only submit unmodded import line designs to Redesign check! This makes it lot easier to check if the designs are correct. 
After new gene designs have been approved, you can then freely reapply their mods back in import updates.

>Reply HERE to approve redesigned import!<

Link to import
: (centaur you are redesigning)
Link to new design: ( file)
Design notes: (Your message to design approval admins. For example, about layering markings ) 
Vault: (You need to have the Potion of Rebirth in your vault)

All taurs regardless of rank or collected EXP amounts can be redesigned. They won't loose their EXP.

>Reply HERE to submit your design for CORRECTIONS<

Link to Corrected Design: (TEXT link only)
Previous design: (TEXT link only. This is the version where admin told you what needs to be corrected.)
Design notes: (Your message to design approval admins. For example, about layering markings) 
Proof: (Link to your geno comment) 

>Reply HERE to request design service!<

If you feel that you can't design your centaur, our lovely community can help! We cannot guarantee that someone will pick your centaur for designing. It is also recommended to head to our official discord server and ask for help there.

Link to geno proof
Design wishes: 

The designer themself needs to respond to your request claiming that they will do the design.

Those who have created a design for someone and the centaur has been uploaded, can claim either 200 SC or 4 GC reward for their work! 

> Reply here to claim your design reward! <

After your centaur has been approved, they will be updates to SagittariAdmin masterlist.
Your import will get official comments which all serve their own purpose:

Owner memos is where you can link stuff related to your centaur. For example their EXP tracker, self-made reference sheet, tracker of the village they are part of, etc.

Trophy Wall is where an admin will post medals and other trophies related to your centaurs achievements. 

Breeding Slots is where you, the centaurs owner, will post given out slots. Links to these slot permission comments work as the slots proof.