There are all these signs around us... what are they trying to tell us?

Research is a special activity where you can affect on when new stuff comes into the game. The Research activity has changing special prompts which go hand-in-hand with events of the game.

When the research's required Point amount is reached, the feature will be brought into the game!

1 x Research Activity Roll = 1 x Research point 
More points can be earned with: 
Master Researcher -Trait: +3 points
Researcher -Profession: +1-3 Points

Research isn't a competition on who collects the most points and how fast, and there won't be special prizes for those who collect the most points. Researches are collective effort from you as a community. 

There is no max amount on how many time one player can complete Research prompts.

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in your Research activity
to be eligible for loot:

  • Fullbody presentation of your centaur, with colors, shading and complex background.


  • 800 wordcount literature for one activity participating centaur, with most of the literatures wordcount focusing on the activity itself.
    If more centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount.
    Example: 3 activity rolls in literature with two extra centaurs is 800 + 400 + 400 = 1600 words.
  • Comic researches must feature at least one fullbody frame of the activity roll receiving centaur, and the comics focus needs to clearly be on researching.

The Research entry needs to clearly represent the chosen Research prompt  in the activity form.

There can be a MAX of 4 activity participating centaurs that can roll for loot in one piece, if there are more than 4 centaurs, all after the first 4 can only get EXP, not loot.  

Research entries are rolled for rewards the same way as other activities.
>Proceed to Loot Redeeming journal<
Remember that loot can be claimed AFTER your activity entry has been accepted to the group!

There isn't currently minimum artwork size for activity entries. The participating centaurs however need to be properly recognizable, and follow simplicity rules presented in EXP guide. If admins cannot recognize the centaurs or they appear too simplistic due small size, the loot roll can be denied. 

No currently running Researches!