Experience Points

Experience Points (EXP)

Experience points (EXP) are gathered through artwork. As your centaur gains EXP, they will level up and unlock more possibilities and rewards.

Each centaur in a piece will receive individually rolled EXP. Points are rolled only when a piece is accepted into the group, and will not be rolled again if a centaur changes owners. Rerolls occur only if a significant mistake has been made.

If you have encountered a mistake in your EXP roll, head over to Questions & Errors and submit an error report! It will be checked and corrected as soon as the admins can. 

You, the player, are responsible for filling out the EXP form correctly. EXP forms must be clearly visible in the description box of your submission. Admins will check the EXP form prior to rolling– however, they will not add a bonus if you did not list it in the form.

Q: Are points sheets allowed?
Unfortunately no. Maximum amount the centaur can earn is 1 x Headshot,
1 x Halfbody and 1 x Fullbody points combos from one entry
. If more drawings of this centaur is present, they won't get another sets of those bonuses.  

I edited my artwork to fulfill activity requirements, can I get an EXP recount?

Yes you can! But think your next step carefully. If you don't delete your work from the group right away, you can go straight to loot claims and claim your loot with the corrected artwork. 
That way you don't have to wait again for your entry to be processed for EXP. If you want a recount for your corrected artwork, remove the artwork from the group gallery as well as the SagittariAdmin's exp comment from your centaurs exp tracker.  Then you can resubmit the artwork back to group gallery queue, and it will be recounted

EXP Trackers

EXP Trackers should be based on DeviantArt. You may use a journal or a deviation post. Sta.sh is not recommended, due to difficulties with comment notifications. Main thing is, that an admin can reply there without problems!

Members should refrain from posting their works and points to the trackers: Admins will do this!
EXP points posted by admin account are the only legitimate exp points.

Currently trackers based on other sites or platforms, such as google drive documents, are not allowed. This is to make sure all admins can have smooth access to all trackers. 

EXP Trackers should at minimum feature a comment thread for EXP rolls, but you are free to track and collect anything related to your centaur's adventures here. 

Example trackers

It's recommended to see how others have done their trackers if you are feeling unsure how to make your tracker.

You can see some admin owned EXP trackers below:
01 - Karacazo Tracker
Aelwen - 'The Fisherwoman' Tracker
005 - Faust Tracker
029 - Kjetil Tracker

As well as Activity trackers:

Ebon's Activity TrackerRoutas Sagittari activity tracker


This form must be filled out in your submissions description!

Import: (link to centaur's import who receives the EXP)
Link to EXP tracker: (Direct link to right comment thread)
EXP Point and bonuses: (See the points and bonuses below, and mark them clearly)

Transferring points from one tracker to another

When you've bought a centaur from someone, you must create your own tracker to that centaur. The EXP that centaur collected with it's previous owner will then be confirmed and moved to you by an admin.

>Reply HERE to transfer EXP tracker!<

Link to import
Link to old tracker: (Previous owners tracker)
Link to new tracker:
 (Your new tracker to this centaur)

Below you will see the available exp point breakouts for art, and what area needs to be clearly shown to be eligible for the points. There is always bit of leeway with the visibility of the centaur, especially if they are clothed. 
Always list the numbered points clearly for each individual centaur present! This will help admins with confirming the points!

Fullbody Points

Sketch - 2 exp (You can only get Sketch OR Lineart bonus, not both)
Lineart - 4 exp
Basecolor - 3 exp
Shaded - +3 exp
Simple Background - +2 exp
Complex Background - +3 exp

Fullbody requires at least two lower limbs mostly presented, or about half of all legs shown. Fullbody is anything above halfbody. It needs to show both upper and lower torso, and always some legs and tail. These requirements need to be visible even through clothing.
These rules apply to the centaurs pose and perspective as well.  

Halfbody Points

Sketch - 1 exp (You can only get Sketch OR Lineart bonus, not both)
Lineart - 3 exp
Basecolor - 2 exp
Shaded - +2 exp
Simple Background - +2 exp
Complex Background - +3 exp

Halfbody is anything that doesn't fulfill fullbody requirements. Halfbody should always show some leg and back, or fully show upper torso and lower torso back. If art is showing only front of torso, without properly showing backtorso, that counts as halfbody as well. In this case front legs are also required, or the points may fall to Headshot points.

Headshot Points

Sketch - 1 exp (You can only get Sketch OR Lineart bonus, not both)
Lineart - 2 exp
Basecolor - 1 exp
Shaded - +1 exp
Simple Background - +2 exp
Complex Background - +3 exp

Headshot is anything that doesn't fulfill halfbody requirements. Headshot in maximum is the upper humanoid torso alone.
In minimum it's just a head + neck.

Other EXP bonuses for both Art & Literature

  • Other centaur +2 
    Stacks for max 3 centaurs with your centaur, so max is 6 exp from this bonus. The centaur needs to be owned by you or another player, so no NPC's or group starters.
  • Relationship +2
    +2 bonus is earned from per centaur your taur has relationship with per piece. Stacks for max 3 centaurs with your centaur, so max is 6 exp from this bonus
  • Other ARPG creature +2
    The other arpg critters official import needs to be linked. Stacks per creature, but max 3 times, so max is 6 exp from this bonus. The creature needs to be owned by you or another player, so no NPC's or group starters.
  • Official event +2
    The event needs to be mentioned in the entry's description.
  • Collab +1
    Collab artwork or literature with equal work amount from centaurs owners. Always remember to link all centaurs and tag the participating artists!
  • Personal +2
    Needs to be completely made by centaurs owner
  • Villager present +2
    If the entry has centaurs that are in same village, they both gain this bonus. This bonus is earned once per piece, even if multiple villagers are present. Link the village tracker to prove they share a village.
  • Affiliate +2
    Creature/'s from our official Affiliate list is present. Gives +2 bonus per Affiliate group even if multiple creatures are present. Stacks max 3 times if 3 different Affiliate group creatures are present. Affiliate creature must be player owned, not a group starter or npc.
    See our Affiliates list!
  • Weather Phenomenon +5
    Monthly weather phenomenon needs to be clear in the activity. As weather is an activity modifier, the bonus becomes active only on Exploring, Survival, Culture and Battle entries. Misc art or Blessed Parent entries don't give Weather bonus.
    In literature entries the weather phenomenon must be actively present through the literature. It cannot be only a short side mention. 
  • Chronicle appearance +10
    This bonus can only be given by an admin to centaurs who were randomly rolled to have an appearance in Sagittari Chronicles. Directly applied to centaurs EXP tracker. Submit your centaur HERE for a chance to have them featured!

    For artworks, all presented bonuses activate with entries featuring at least simple background. Pagedolls don't qualify for these bonuses.

Literature Points

1 exp per 100 words.

Wordcounts below 100 won't receive exp. If wordcount is uneven, it's rounded to closest hundred. In the style of: 100 <- 149. 150 -> 200
Example: 800 word literature is worth 8 exp.  1000 word literature is worth 10 exp.

The centaur receiving exp needs to be actively present through the whole literature entry. If there's long breaks where the centaur isn't actively participating or affecting the story, those parts won't receive exp.

Literature roleplay exp counts 

With text rp's a character gets exp from their owners writing turns. Writers need to separate clearly which one has written which parts. Please separate written turns with - lines, or some other clear way.

The base word count requirement must be met by all centaurs, with the remaining addition bonus centaur wordcount requirement amount split between the participants.

Example on explore rp with two centaurs:
"800 wordcount literature for one activity participating centaur. If more centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount"

Person A: writes 800 + 200 words on their turns
Person B: writes 800 + 200 words on their turns

= 1000 words per person, and that passes as explore literature rp.

EXP Penalties

In some cases the centaurs owner won't receive the full EXP amount.
Some reasons for EXP penalties are:

  • Reused material, such as repeating backgrounds, poses, or copied lineart
  • Excessive use of stamp-on brushes, such as tree-, grass and cloud brushes
  • Too simplistic picturing of centaur

Art guide for EXP

To read more about reused material and our stance on art quality, please read Art Rules, thank you!

Complex background vs Simple background

Complex background must have shading and 3 individual elements, not including base ground and sky/roof. If the background has fewer than those 3 elements, or it misses shading, it will be classified as simple.
At minimum, simple background must have at least +1 element on top of base ground and sky/roof.

To be eligible for full EXP and activity loot, the centaur cannot be too simplified.
They must always have at least referential fingers, paw toes/hooves, and both eyes, nose and mouth when their face is visible. 

If the centaurs body is concealed, they will receive points based on visible parts. 
Capes and flowy clothing will be judged
case-by-case, but dressing up as a ghost will earn your centaur headshot points only.

Irregularly shaped window-like backgrounds are allowed, but minimum 90% of the centaur must be inside
the background to be eligible for full EXP and activity loot. To keep the size from going too small,
imagine that at least another centaur should be able to fit inside the bg window.

Comic EXP guide

Comics earn you points frame by frame.

Centaur can earn one set of full points (lineart/basecolor/shaded/bg),
after that they get repeats:

Repeat fullbody +3
Repeat halfbody +2
Repeat headshot +1

The quality and effort needs to stay consistent.
If a repeating panel is under the quality of original point panel,
it will be downgraded to lower points.

The amount of repeat panels doesn't decrease or increase
the repeat panel point value.

Comic EXP rules:

  • Minimum panel requirement to count as a comic is 3 panels
  • Repeat panel points don't increase with repeated backgrounds.
    Background point is earned only once per original point panel.
  • All exp boosting bonuses, such as traits, personal bonus and Village bonuses,
    only affect once per page. No matter how many panels there is in the comic.
  • The comic needs to clearly have a story behind it, and the panels need
    to connect to each other story-wise. Random collection of framed pictures don't count as a comic.

Wonderful example comic is by Munarogue ♥

Misc EXP art tips

  • Greyscale or colorpalette entries will get full EXP as long as the centaur's all markings are recognizable 
  • Shading must be more than a dark triangle under chin, and be evenly present through the whole body.

More guides and point breakouts will be added as need comes!
Animation, sculpture and other crafts bonuses coming in later date!