Art Rules

Art Rules

Copyrighted material

Any use of copyrighted material in artwork and literature entries is prohibited. Entries using copyright protected material, such as direct extract from text not written by the artist, artwork, logos and sounds are prohibited. We take copying and tracing from other artists very seriously. If your works break these rules, you won't receive EXP or rolled benefits, and might receive warnings.

Use of references is allowed! But we do not allow direct tracing from reference photos or models. It is the artists responsibility to source their references to make sure they are allowed to use them as a reference. Link your used references on the art description. 
Photo manipulations aren't currently accepted and will not receive EXP.

Reused material

Full exp and rolled benefit amount will be reduced if art/literature entry has reused materials. Reused materials include elements such as: reused lineart, reused/constantly repeated poses, reused or otherwise repetitive backgrounds. For literature reuse rules reach copied sentences and repeated plots. 
These rules are set to encourage for artistic creativity and thinking outside the box. This arpg is not meant for and doesn't encourage grind art and farming for exp and loot. This is why points sheets are not allowed. 

Art quality

As stated above, Isle of Sagittari encourages for artistic creativity. That is why your general art level is considered when rolling for exp and rolled benefits. Your entry is compared to your presented art quality in your DeviantArt gallery. Significantly rushed or otherwise poor quality entries will get reduced exp and rolled benefits. 

Going hand-in-hand with art quality, is the use of stamp-on brushes. Use of stamp-on brushes or textures won't get artwork denied right away. But the use of such brushes require effort from the artist. The artwork needs to have manually done art and effort by the artist. See a helping guide below! 

Trying out new styles for art is welcomed and encouraged! Experimental styles still need to showcase your average level of effort.

AI art and creations

Any use of AI generated art or literature is strongly prohibited. Entries with AI additions will not get EXP or rolled benefits, and there is no exceptions to this rule. 

Nudity, R-18 content, and other restricted topics

Any sort of NSFW content posted needs to follow DeviantArt's rules, and needs to be clearly marked with trigger warnings. Themes such as physical abuse, violence, sexual violence and/or abuse, substance abuse, gore, blood, horror or self harm. We encourage you keep other members and admins in mind when posting your art. If you feel it might offend or upset someone, put a warning on it. We value our admins and members personal limits on what they wish to see and left unseen, and no-one is forced to see or read something unpleasant to them. Admins can choose to skip over your entry if it contains triggering content. When this happens, other admin will either step in, or your entry might get denied of exp and benefits. Entries containing straight out porn or comparable nsfw content will be outright denied of EXP and rolled benefits and won't be accepted to group gallery.

You are not allowed to post any explicit adult content to Sagittari's Deviantart group or public member discord server. This includes provocative and sexualized art and porn. Purposefully picturing centaurs genitalia is prohibited. 

Now let's talk about the ladies. 
As you have maybe seen, the female centaur imports present them with bare breasts. This is to not cover any markings in the design, but most importantly, for equality. The male imports are free to go bare chested without judgement, and our policy is that same rights belong to females as well. Equality and freedom of body and visibility are our values as a group, and this reaches breasts as well. Breasts are not sexual organs, and are not seen as such in the world of Sagittari. Both female and male imports are presented without their nipples to avoid any bans from DeviantArt, where the imports are stored. You can however present nipples in artwork, as long as it follows the general nudity rules of our group and DeviantArt.

That being said, it is prohibited to picture overly sexualized breasts. This follows members and admins right to not get exposed to uncomfortable subjects.