Our Story

Isle of Sagittari ARPG's development started around November 2022, while the thought and dream was alive long before that. It was a massive and scary project for one person to work for, but with no hard-set deadline for the project, Sagittari got to grow and form in peace. 

The first and very much exciting teaser promo art was published on April 25, 2023. It got a highly positive response from DeviantArt's ARPG community, and soon after that on May 15, positions for Beta readers were opened. 

The beta reading phase lasted for few weeks, where amazing beta readers read through the unpublished website, making sure the text was clear and understandable for the audience. There was lots of polishing work to do, and the polishing and fine tuning hasn't stopped ever since. 

Discord server was published together with the website of June 19, and there hasn't been a quiet day ever since! The hype towards the launch fest was growing day by day, and even the Launch Shop's content was voted by the community to be published early. 

The official LAUNCH FEST started on June 26. The Launch was a huge success to the point of rushed hiring of our first two admins; Naxillion and Ebonmere. They were the key of making sure the launch ran smoothly and the founder wasn't overwhelmed by the influx of excited Sagi players. At the end of the Sagi Launch, third admin Munarogue was welcomed into the team.

By the end of Launch Fest:

  • 161 Genotypes were adopted from the Adoption Center
  • Our Discord server had 168 members
  • And our DeviantArt group had 141 members

Our first 100 uploaded imports was reached on July 19!

During the Launch Fest, Cervines and Felines were the clear crowd favorite among the starting bodytypes. 
From starters, Cyril and Belladonna got the most love through slot purchases.

An unexpected milestone was hit on October 28 2023, as first centaur reached currently highest rank: Emperor! 
The first Emperor being the bathwater drinking, pincone obsessed cryptid 078 - Artio, that lives inside a cave outside the village and is beloved by many people! ♥ Impressive feat to reach games highest rank only about 5 months after the game launch!

During it's first year, Sagittari held it's first proper lore events: Prelude. and Divine Retrial: Earth, bringing forward the islands mysteries. Lore got revealed a bit, with new centaur type Ursines arriving with their Legendary hero. 

By the time Sagi's first Anniversary month of June 2024 was reached, the game had:

  • 686 uploaded imports, with the distribution of:
    158 Equines, 236 Cervines, 151 Canines and 140 Felines
  • 258 Discord members
  • 173 DeviantArt group followers
  • 10 Staff members

Where will Sagi's journey take us next? Join us in forming it's path and find out! ♥