How to get started

Hello young one.
Let me guide you in your journey through the Isle. 

I want to get to know more about the game! Where should I start?

I am glad to hear that! I recommend reading through Species information and Lore. They tell about the main plot of this ARPG and the playable species. If these intrigue you and deepen your interest, take a look at Activities as well! 

I haven't ever been part of an ARPG before, how do they work?

We have a handydandy Beginners Guide! Please take a read through that, as well as Terms of Services and Art rules. We also have a questions thread on Deviantart for bigger questions, as well as a quick question channel on our discord.

I have decided I want to join! Where should I start?

Great! ♥ You are warmly welcomed!
I recommend you to join our DeviantArt group and if you feel like it, our Discord server. An important step before reaching for your own centaur is to read through Terms of Services and Art rules. After you have read through these and feel comfortable to consenting to the presented rules, you can start looking for your centaur!

Where can I get centaurs?

Head over to our Adoption center! Everyone can adopt one free centaur genotype.
You don't have to be part of the DeviantArt group or discord server to adopt. 

I recommend checking our groups Sales folder, where members can sell genotypes or breeding slots. There is a sales channel in our server, and a Looking for -channel where you can post what kind of centaur you are looking for. 

After you have received official proof that you own a centaur, you can dive into Character creation, have fun! 

I have designed my centaur and posted it to design approvals. What happens next?

Amazing, can't wait to see your design! Now you need to wait for an admin to check that it follows the design rules. Once your centaur has been approved, you need to wait for a while until the centaur is posted to our official masterlist on deviantart. You will get a notification on DeviantArt once your centaur has been uploaded, and then you can start posting activity entries to them! Remember to also create an EXP tracker for them! 

Have fun! Can't wait to see you exploring the isle!