Beginners guide

So what is an ARPG?

ARPG is an art based role playing game, where you can roleplay and proceed by creating art, writing stories, and through other visual forms. These artworks earn you points and in-game benefits, such as items, coins and cosmetics.
Typically ARPG's work around its own closed species's which cannot be obtained from any other source but the game. In Sagittari's case, our species's are centaurs (Read more at Species information). 

You can obtain official Isle of Sagittari centaur by:

  • Adopting from Adoption center
  • Buying a semi custom (Shops open only for limited times)
  • Breeding already existing Sagittari centaurs
  • Buying a centaur from another player
  • Occasional raffles, give-aways etc

Once you own official Sagittari centaur's genotype, you can design it according to genetics your centaur has.
After you have designed your centaur, you will submit them for approvals. There an admin will check that your centaur's design matches their given genetics. Remember! You are not allowed to post your centaurs official import art to your own gallery. After your centaur has been approved by an admin, they will be uploaded to the official masterlist hosted by our DeviantArt admin account. After your centaur has been uploaded there, they are an official Sagittari centaur, and you can start playing with them!

Experience points and advancing your character 

Each ARPG has their own point system. In Sagittari we use Experience Points (EXP). You can collect exp to your centaur by producing artwork or literature stories about them. Remember to read Art rules to learn more about the art aspect in this game and limitations. 

Isle of Sagittari has a growing variety of Activities you can picture your centaur in. Completing these activities earn you the exp you need to level up your centaur. Just like in traditional videogames, as your character levels up, they gain different benefits and unlock new challenges. 

Game world and plot

Typically each ARPG has their own canon world lore and game plot. These work as the red string through the game, and are usually done through group events. 

Isle of Sagittari has it's own world map and lore as well. The players can take part in advancing the game plotline by completing research prompts. The research prompts trigger mini events that will open the game world more in depth. They are supported by larger events, which are scheduled to go seasonally. 

The players are not forced to follow the game canon, and can focus on building their own stories with their characters. 


Here you can see listed some commonly used ARPG terms, which you will encounter in Sagittari as well:

AR: AR's are shortened from Activity Roll. Activity roll is art/literature piece that goes under official game activity, and earns you loot. AR's are often used as a payment in ARPG circles. Meaning you produce activity roll artworks for other person, and they will receive the loot and EXP for their creature. 
Geno: Geno is shortened from genotype. Genotype is written info about your centaurs genetics, such as markings, basecolor, bodytype and gender. Genotype is the first step of arpg creatures existence, and you need an officially acquired genotype for designing your arpg character.
Import: Import is the official artwork that represents the ARPG's creature. Imports have their official base arts that members can color in and design according to their centaurs genes. The game offers customization items that lets members edit the import art further than coloring in. Import includes text information about the creature as well, which the member fills out. Imports are stored at the game groups masterlist.
Lineage: Lineage tracks down arpg creatures familytree. As breedings are usually a big part of arpg's, lineages play important role in them. It keeps track of possible inbreeding, and family lines of your creature.
RNG: Almost everything in arpg's are handled with Random Number Generators. Many of the game activity outcomes are determined by randomizers, including breeding results and loot quantities and rarities. 
Semi-custom: Semi-custom is a blank state creature which genetics the buyer can choose based on design points. Semis are usually divided into rarities, each rarity having different amount of design points to use. 
Slot: Slots are written given out permissions from creatures owner that let other members breed their creature. Slots work in keeping track how many times the creature has been bred. When breeding centaurs, you will always need a written out slot permission. 
Starter: Starters are group owned non-playable characters. They are the lineage starters of the game, and help to kick on the game's creature population. Starter slot vouchers can be obtained from special activities and events. In Sagittari they play a lore role as well.