World lore

The history of the Isle is hidden under a fog. But there are still some elders who know the tales of those who sealed away our isle... sit down and listen to their stories.

There has been centaur settlements on the Sagittari isles as far as the written history goes. Where these centaurs originally came from is unknown, but they have inhabited the isles for millennia.

Originally what is now known as the Isle of Sagittari used to be an archipelago of islands.
But somewhere in far history a disaster hid the separate islands under a fog...

Legends tell about mythological giants. Monsters that rose from the elements and claimed parts of the islands for themselves. Before the giants could claim the main isle as well, the legendary centaur heroes of the isle summoned divine fog to surround them. This fog is impermeable, and not even the mythical giants were able to traverse through it without getting lost and swallowed by their opposing elements. Together with the legendary heroes, the giants were sealed inside the fog.

The sea around the main isle is stormy and treacherous. It keeps intruders out, but also the Sagittarians in.

But there are winds of changes traveling through the isle.

Folk stories of the returning legendary heroes have started to surface again, and centaurs have started to notice changes around their island. Natural phenomenons are becoming more extreme, monsters of all shapes and sizes have started to descend from their mountain hideouts, and most strangely, the fog around their isle has started to clear out...

Not only are there inner turmoils within the centaur communities, there is now the increasing worry about the outside world.
Some centaurs have chose to ignore the signs and focus on their earthly feats, some have devoted their lives to study the legends. Some have seen the increasing uncertainty as a chance to increase their influence and power.

What will you choose to do?