Free Areas & Extras

Free Areas & Extras


Each import file comes with 3 tails, and you can choose which one to put on your centaur! 

Current marking ranges don't cover the tails. The tails must imitate the colors and markings present in the genotype. The tails can either be purely only the basecolor without any markings reaching on it, or mimic markings present on their main body. 
EQUINE centaur exception!
Equines have horselike tail with long hair. This long hair can mimic the centaurs hair color, and hair coloring rules apply to the tails as well.

Hair & Eyebrows

Each import file comes with 3 hairstyles, and you can choose which one to put on your centaur!

The hair on your centaurs head must be either from their genotypes base color,from natural color slider, or from markings own special color palette. Otherwise you are free to add hue changes, gradients or stripes. These coloring rules follow to the eyebrows as well. 


You are free to choose any kind of eye color to your centaur as you wish! The "white" parts of the eye must remain from natural off-white colors to pale yellow color.
You are free to give your centaur heterochromia as well. Heterochromias are not part of genotypes nor a mutation, and won't inherit to offspring. 

Eye pupils can be any naturally occurring shape. 

Paws, hooves & nails and claws, Cervid antlers

Pawpads and hooves must be natural color, or otherwise fit the genotypes colors. Nails and claws of your centaurs upper and lower torso must be natural colors and tones and fit their general design.

Cervid centaurs antlers follow the same coloring rules as mentioned above: They can be natural in color, or otherwise fit the genotypes colors. They can have subtle gradients and other natural-looking patterning.