" Warmest greetings to you, dear patron!
May I interest you with my wares? "

Welcome to the grand marketplace plaza. As you enter the bustling bazaar, you leave all political tensions behind. This markerplace is almost considered holy, and everyday life's tensions don't reach here. The Marketplace is a shared neutral area for all folks of Sagittari isle. There items, wares, crafts, medicine and everything anyone could ever wish for is exchanged for money or for other goods.  

Shop is where you can purchase some in-game goods, sell them, change currency and transfer items or coins to another player.

Vault is the main bank of this game. 

Open a Treasure Chest

Some activities and rank ups give Treasure Chests! Open them through the link.There's currently 4 different kind of chests: Traits, Breeding, Customization and Equipment. The chests can either contain full items, money, or crafting ingredients for the items belonging to that category.

Time to get crafty! As you collect items on your adventures,
you can use them to craft other goods

Item glossary is a complete list of all items currently found in the game, with listed uses/effects and resell price.