Community brings security. Together with your friends and family, your village stands strong and keeps on growing. Is your village a peaceful commune of artisans, or do you plan to conquer more land to yourself?

Villages are one of the main game mechanic in Sagittari, and provide chances of building community and personal character lore. Much of the responsibility of running villages belong to the game members themselves.

Your centaur can join or create a village, and gain different benefits from Village related profession bonuses.
All village bonus benefits activate when there's at least two different players in same village!

There will also be mini-events and challenges related to villages upcoming in the future.

But you are not forced to join a village. 
Centaurs without a village are called Nomads, and there are equal chances of character lore and game activities for nomads as well. When your centaur first reaches Commoner -rank, they will be automatically become a Nomad. You can choose to follow this unknown path as a nomad, or find security from a village. 
The choice is yours.

Village rules & guides

  • Discrimination is strongly prohibited. Village lores and behavior inside the village community must follow Sagittari's ToS.
    Thumb of rule is that villages must be able to work together, but if need arises, admins can intervene.
  • Village name must follow the ToS and be of good taste.
  • A centaur can only be part of one village at a time. Village/nomad status is linked to their official imports.
  • Be in contact with the player that owns the village before applying for updating the village to your centaurs import.
    No surprise-joinings unless it is okay with the owner. The villagers owner must add your centaur into their official village tracker as well.
  • You can have Open or Closed village; Open villages are publicly open for new members, and you can set up invitations and Looking For -posts for your village. Closed villages can be formed in private. Remember to state the recruiting policy clearly in your tracker or other advertisements.
  • You are allowed to create a closed village with only your centaurs in it if you so wish. But do pay mind, that if you wish to level up your village, it will be much easier with other players. And all village bonus benefits activate when there's at least two different players in same village. Creating a self-owned close village has only personal lore benefits.
  • Absolutely no pressuring or guilt tripping with professions. If a member with village profession centaur leaves a village, you are not allowed to trash on them. Everyone is free to go and hop around as they please.
  • More rules might be added as the game processes and villages start to form. This is still a new game mechanic and we reserve the right for changes. We welcome community members to give suggestions and ideas on how to make villages more enjoyably mechanic!

Village tracker

Your village will need a tracker. It can be a journal or a deviation submission, as long as an admin can comment on it. 

The Village tracker needs:
- Links to current members. If the centaur isn't listed and linked in the village tracker, their registration to that village isn't properly complete.
They cannot get or probide village bonuses if they aren't properly linked in the tracker.
- Comment thread for collecting ranking up activity entries
- Comment thread for trophies and achievements
- You are free to add other personal or lore related information!

Example Village tracker will be linked soon!

 >Reply HERE to join a village!<

Import link
: (Your centaur)
Villages Name:
Villages tracker: (This will be linked to your centaurs import)  
Village's owner: (Please tag the villages owner so they are aware of your joining) 

 >Reply HERE to register a new village

Village leaders import
: (Village needs to have at least one leader. Can be multiple, but all leaders need to be ranked at least Lord. )
Village tracker: (This tracker will be linked to Village Masterlist.)
Place on map: (Optional. If you wish to have your village added to the official lore map, provide us a picture to show where you want your village placed. This has no official impact on anything, only for players lore) 

 >Reply HERE to move or leave a village!<

Import link

New Village status: (New villages name and link to it's tracker, or Nomad )

Leveling up villages

There are requirements that need to be fulfilled for your village to be able to level up.
Don't be overwhelmed by the following requirements, these levels are not meant to be easy and quick to achieve. 

You will see requirements related to entries and activities.
These activities can be fulfilled by any villagers unless stated otherwise, past and present members. 

Entries used for Village level ups need to be created after the village was officially created.
You cannot link and use old submissions from time the village wasn't even created. 

Profession related requirements can be fulfilled with either open professions and/or village professions.
Please track the requirement related activities on their own thread in the tracker, so it's easier for admin to count and verify them.

Level 1 - Homestead

This is the starting level
of your village.
Start recruiting people in
and have fun!
- Minimum two players need to be in same village for village benefits to unlock.
- There is no max capacity of players or characters. 

Level 2 - Hamlet

Leveling up requirements:
- Minimal villager amount 10
- There is no max capacity of players or characters.
- 20 completed Explores/Survivals/Cultures
- 10 completed researches
- At least 5 villagers with level 1 professions

Level 3 - Village

Leveling up requirements:
- Minimal villager amount 25
- There is no max capacity of players or characters.  
- 40 completed Explores/Survivals/Cultures
- 30 completed researches
- At least 10 villagers with level 2 professions

Level 4 - Shire

Leveling up requirements:
- Minimal villager amount 40
- There is no max capacity of players or characters.
- 60 completed Explores/Survivals/Cultures
- 50 completed researches
- At least 15 villagers with level 3 professions

 >Reply HERE to level up your village<

Village leaders import/s
: (Village needs to have at least one leader. Can be multiple, but all leaders need to be ranked at least Lord. )
Village tracker: (Tracker where villages info, list of villagers and rank is collected. This tracker will be linked to Village Masterlist.)
Proof that requirements are met: (All the required activity entries need to be clearly in one comment thread)