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Their anatomy

Baby centaurs

As centaurs are mythological beasts found from many different cultures, there is no set rules for their anatomy. In this arpg however there is some set guidelines to follow, so everyone can be on same page about their centaurs anatomy. Please note that the founder isn't a biologist or in any way professional when it comes to anatomy, and that the centaurs are not to be actually working creatures, but fantasy beings.

All their organs sit on their lower torso, the so called "animal part". In Sagittari's common language, the centaurs don't use terms such as human part and animal part. Their upper torsos consist of strong muscles, and house large veins and artera that transport blood to their brains. Female centaurs have only one set of breasts, and they sit on their upper torso. 

All centaurs have fur coating of different lengths on their upper and lower torso. The upper torsos coat is typically short and smooth, while the lower torso displays different fur lengths. 

Each centaur type has their own unique anatomical features. You can read more about them in their own infopges!   

I'm sure you have come across the memes and questions about how ridiculous baby centaurs must be. Human babies are such helpless nuggets when born, while equine babies are ready to get up and walk right after birth. 

Sagittari ARPG kiddos work as a compromise. For each type, when the offspring is born, the upper torso part has developed slightly further than a human child, and the lower torso part is otherwise well developed, but not quite yet ready to take off and walk. 

Offspring of all types are rather vulnerable for the first couple of months and rely heavily on adults, but start to develop quickly as they get a growth spurt. Once they learn to hold their torso up and realize they have legs, those centaur toddlers cannot be stopped. 

The development of a centaur child can be otherwise referenced with human child's growth.



The centaur society of Sagittari is colorful and diverse, with it's own quirks and dramas. There is no perfect society, and when there's good, there's also bad aspects. 

Generally the folks of Sagittari hold family and friends important, as well as culture, their own history, and strength of ones body and mind. There is no internalized discrimination towards sexual or gender identities, or personal religions. There is no set official main religion in Sagittari. 

Unfortunately some centaur types have preconceptions towards other types. Felines are often seen as aggressive, and others may fear them without a good reason. The canines have a reputation of being easily manipulated, and many may try to trick them. Equines are seen as high and mighty, stereotypical being self-centered and looking down on others. The cervines are often seen similarly hostile like felines, and not caring for the other types. 

There is as many different personalities in the isle as there are stars in the sky. Your centaur can either sit with the stereotypes, or be completely opposite to them.