Lost Centaurs

Sometimes centaur children get lost from their parents, or are deliberately abandoned. 

What are lost centaurs?

Lost centaurs are a Rare loot drop and can be found from Exploring, Survival and Culture

These lost centaurs can be Equines, Cervines, Felines, Canines. Ursines can start appearing after the Divine Retrial: EARTH event.

Once a geno has been revealed, it's owner can choose to keep it themselves, gift, trade or sell it,
or even donate to adoption center.  

You can also choose to sell your unrevealed Lost Centaur back to the shop.
All rarities reward same amount: 100 SC / 2 GC

None of the currently available rarities have chance for mutations.
Each rolled geno has at least 1 marking, and at max they can have up to 5 markings.

Reveal a lost centaur geno HERE




Common lost centaurs have only common traits, with a very small chance for uncommon basecolors. They have no chance for any rare traits.

Uncommon lost centaurs are guaranteed to have at least 1 Uncommon feature, being either a marking or a basecolor. They still have chance for common traits, but also have a very small chance for a rare basecolor.

Rare lost centaurs are guaranteed to have at least 1 Rare feature. This can be a marking or a basecolor. There's a chance for them to have uncommon basecolor, and markings of any rarity.