Every centaur is their own unique being. And we love seeing that on their official imports! Sagittari offers a wide variety of items which you can use to modify your centaurs import art. Below you'll find a list of currently available customization items,
all the do's and don'ts, guides and how-to's. Go wild!

You can customize your centaur after it has been approved in design approvals and updated to official masterlist

Apply and remove cosmetic items through import updates
You need to have the customization item already in your vault when applying the said item.

You can draw and/or write your centaur looking a bit different even if they aren't officially modified on their imports, just not too extreme. They need to be recognizable as the centaur they are in their import.

If you are planning large modifications, very slight moving of the centaur standing on the import is allowed when modding them. But this position adjustment needs to be very small.

Important note!
One edit approval consumes the item.
What this means, is that no matter how small or big change you do with the item,
it will be consumed.
You cannot return back later to add more.
You will need need a new item for additional changes.

Customizations cannot represent animal types that aren't in the game or modified to represent a type they are not.
However, modifications that are more general to multiple species is ok.
Example: all round ears are not considered as "mouse ears", so you can mod your centaurs' ears to be big and round! However Elephant ears and Rabbit ears are too distinct and so cannot be used on any current centaur type.


" This similar design has passed in the past, so why didn't my design pass now?"

As a fairly new game still, Sagittari's genetics, marking rules, customization rules and other game mechanics can still go through changes. As the game rolls onward and we see what works and what doesn't, rules might change. Taking inspiration and checking old designs is accepted, but we cannot guarantee new designs to pass with similar looks as old designs.


With this item you can edit your centaurs facial features, some mutations,
or custom their tail, paws, hooves and hands.

The Uniquer
- Affect everything above neck, except hair
- Give your centaur ethnic features from every corner of our world
- Add facial hair, change or remove eyebrows
- Customize Horns and Hermes mutations, and cervids natural antlers
- Custom their tail to look different (this affects equine tails as well)
- Bring animalistic features to centaurs human-like upper torso

The Uniquer CAN'T:
- Add scars, or any color changes to face or eyes.
- Change centaurs look to completely animalistic. Their main head and face structure still needs to remain humanoid.
- Edit features to look extreme or unrealistic, or like something that's accessible

only via plastic surgery. Keep in mind that the edits sit naturally with the import art.

Uniquer can be acquired from:
Shop, Battles, Rank ups, Events


Clothes are a way for centaurs to express themselves. Some love them, some prefer to go au naturel. And both are acceptable options! The clothing needs to fit the style of the high fantasy setting of this arpg, and use natural materials.

The Fashionista CAN:
- Clothe your centaur from head to toe.
- Include small accessories that are part of the clothing. Like clothing pins and belts.

The Fashionista CAN'T
- Add large accessories, such as crowns, any armor resembling pieces, flora pieces
- Add clothing made out of modern materials, or present modern fashion styles
- Add clothing with magical-like elements, such as anything glowing

Fashionista can be acquired from:
Shop, Crafting, Battles, Events

The Body Build modifier

Allows you to change the bodytype of your centaurs whole body.
You can make them bulkier, thinner, muscular, chubbier, whatever you want! The edits just cannot take the import too extremely away from the original art. All body modifications need to still represent the original type and be recognizable as one. All mods need to sit naturally with the import art, recognizable as Sagittari import.

The Body Builder Modifier CAN:
- Make your centaur look weaker or stronger
- Make your centaur look slightly shorter, taller, smaller, etc.
- Make your centaur appear different age. It is not allowed to make them appear minor.
- Body Builder lets you basically redraw most of the imports lineart. Their pose must remain loyal to the original import art.

The Body Builder Modifier CAN'T:
- Affect stat points even if they're modified to look strong
- Add extra limbs, or remove limbs, or scars
- Change hair or facial features.
- Change the centaurs anatomy to completely different than their original species.
- Change their pose

Body Build modifier can be acquired from:
Shop, Rank ups, Events


This item allows you to give your centaur luscious locks. Or chop it all off!

The Hairstylist CAN:
- Give your centaur as long hair as you want to give them. Yes even ground reaching.
- Change the color of your centaurs hair, but the edits must follow the design rules.
- Add some simple hair accessory, like small ribbons to keep braids on place.
- Add bodyhair on centaurs upper torso.
- Change the look of their lower torsos coat length, giving tufts or "leggings".
- Change the texture of hair on their heads into hair texture from our worlds ethnic groups

The Hairstylist CAN'T:
- Well, affect anything that isn't hair related.

Hairstylist can be acquired from:
Crafting, Rank ups, Events


From small rings to delicate diadems, jewelry are a way for everyone to express themselves.

Jewelry item CAN:
- Add small jewelry such as rings, necklaces, ringlets, anklets, pendants, etc.
- Add piercings.

Jewelry item CAN'T:
- Jewelry item shouldn't be too big to be considered decoration, clothing or armor piece.  

Jewelry can be acquired from:
Shop, Crafting, Rank ups, Events


Decorations is an item for any misc decorations you wish to put on your centaur that doesn't fit to other custom items.

Decorations item CAN:

- Add floral/natural decorations
- Add decorative headgear (so no helmets)
- Give the centaur a prosthetic, or other aids related to disabilities

Decorations item CAN'T:
- Add visual representations of stat affecting equipment.
Stat affecting equipment gets free visual presentation possibility when the equipment is applied to centaurs import.

Decorations can be acquired from:
Shop, Crafting, Rank ups, Events


Scars tell story of a lived life. Be it from war field,
or wrestle against a house cat.
One used Scar items allows you to put multiple scars on the body.

Scar item CAN:
- Create scars anywhere from small cuts, to large burn wound
- Remove ears or eyes
- Amputate
- Picture a wrapping or some other cover over the amputation stump

Scar item CAN'T:
- Display graphically gruesome wounding. Keep the art viewer friendly.

Scars can be acquired from:
Shop, Battles, Events

If you want to add additional scars on top of limb amputation or top surgery, those scars need their own item in addition.
For example, adding scars on centaurs body as well as top surgery scars will require 2 x Scar items. Limb amputation with other scars will require 11 x Scar items. 

Blinding a centaur

You can blind your centaur by applying scars item to affect both their eyes. 
Blinding your centaur is permanent, and cannot be undone. They will loose -3 stat points to randomly rolled stats, following the rules of Blind / Mute / Deaf -mutation.

Amputating a limb

It is possible to amputate a limb from your centaur. Limbs you can amputate are arms, front and back legs, and tail. 

As amputation is such drastic injury, you will need 10 x Scar items for it.
It also needs to be added into an import before it can be pictured in artworks.

Amputating a limb is permanent, and cannot be undone. Amputating a limb will make the centaur loose -5 randomly rolled stat points to match other physically challenging conditions.

Top Surgery

You can remove female presenting imports breasts with
1 x Scar item combined with 1 x Body Build Modifier.
The same combo can be used to add breasts to male presenting imports.

Body Paints

Body Paints item allows you to paint decorative patterns anywhere on your centaurs body. 
Body paints are not permanent and can be removed. One use of Body Paint features one (1) color. 
If you want to feature multiple colors with Body Paints, you need as many items as there's colors.

Body Paint item CAN:

- Mimic markings or spread markings over their allowed ranges.
- Be as small as you wish, or cover at max 50% of the centaurs body.
- Feature make-up in centaurs face
- Use any color of color wheel

Body Paint item CAN'T:
- Display anything that's against ToS
- Dye hair on centaurs heads (Own separate item coming!)

Body Paints can be acquired from:
Shop, Battles, rank ups, Events

Eleventh hour's Spell

Allows owner to change centaurs sex presented in their text genotype before it has been designed and approved. Cannot be applied to centaur which has been approved through design approvals, or uploaded to masterlist 

Mirror of True Self

Allows centaurs owner to use an import base art of opposite sex than the genotype has. Can be applied to already uploaded centaurs through import updates