Hanahaki mutation is a relatively new phenomenon and has puzzled researchers ever since it was first discovered. Some call it a curse from Mother Nature.

A centaur child born with this mutation doesn't have their right eye at all. Instead, there's a flower bud growing in it's place. If the bud is removed or destroyed, a sepal is always left behind. Another bud will soon start growing and eventually bloom.

Centaurs can't feel anything through the flower, but the flower usually mirrors centaurs overall health. If the centaur is weak, ill or injured, the flower will start withering as well.

Hanahaki flower can be modifier with Uniquer. The type of flower bloom can be changed to other flower types and sizes. Hanahaki is always bloom only, and cannot feature prominent leaves or greenery. Very small leaves peaking under the bloom is allowed. 
The flower cannot hang out of the eye socket, it needs to sit neatly against the face.

The default import art of Hanahaki flower cannot be moved elsewhere. It can be colored in any way you want and doesn't need to follow realistic flowers.

Applying 5 x Hanahaki seeds into a breeding request will guarantee offspring #1 to be born with Hanahaki, if the breeding is successful.