Welcome to the breeding guide! As in other arpg's, breeding plays a big role in Sagittari for getting new centaurs into the world. Each centaur has a limited amount of breeding slots. See the Rankings for the complete slot amounts. The slots are written out by the centaurs owner to their imports "Breeding slots" section.

If the centaur changes owners, slots given out by their previous owner still stand, and the new owner has no right of pulling them back. They can possibly only buy them back from the person who the slot is written to. 

The average amount of offspring born per breeding is 1-2.
It is incredibly rare for triplets to born naturally, and if it happens, there's a risk the mother will get injured

Breedings with Starters are always successful and give 2 offspring. Starters also have a special trait which allows them to breed outside their compatibility group.

All breedings can be considered non-canonical for players personal character lores, and don't need to be tied to personal lores. The centaurs owner can limit partners on slot permissions, but cannot limit what the breeding poster does or doesn't do with the offspring. Once the breeding has been rolled, the parents owners won't have a say on the offspring, and the offsprings owner can do with them as they wish.  

Remember, not every breeding is successful, and you cannot breed all genders and centaur types together. Your Rank determined the success probability, and centaurs type determined who they are compatible with. Scroll down the page to read more! 

Only exceptions are Starter breedings. Starter breedings are always successful and produce 2 offspring.
Starters are not limited by compatibility rules. 

Breeding form:

Link to Father's Import
Slot Permission: (Link where it's proven that you have slot to this centaur.
Needs to be linked even if you own the centaur)
Father's Rank:

Link to Mother's Import
Slot Permission: (Link where it's proven that you have slot to this centaur.
Needs to be linked even if you own the centaur)
Mother's Rank:

Breeding Bonuses/items: (The items need to be in your or your split partners vault before posting the breeding request. If village breeding bonus, link the village's tracker)

Months breeding count: ( X / 3 of Month ) or (X / 2 Split of Month)
Split: (Mention here if the breeding is a split, and tag with whom. Delete if not a split)

Breeding bonus items

You are allowed to use as many items as you wish in one breeding request.
You can use one item of each per breeding request (So no, for example, multiple Silver Potions in one breeding). 

  • Miracle of Life - Guarantees successful breeding no matter of parents ranks
  • Fertility Spell - Increases chances of successful breeding with 50%
  • Gift of Siblings - Guaranteed twins if breeding is successful
  • Against All Odds - Allows breeding of normally incompatible parents.
    Does NOT guarantee successful breeding
  • Thrice Trick - Guarantees triplets if the breeding is succesful, BUT the chance of a wounded mother still remains. There is a chance the third child will be born mutated.
  • Silver Potion- Increases the chances of passing an uncommon marking
    OR basecolor
  • Gold Potion  - Increases the chances of passing a rare marking OR basecolor
  • Cursed Blessing - Increases the chances of random mutation
  • Progeny's Solution - Allows to determine One (1) offspring's sex in a breeding. Doesn't guarantee successful breeding
  • Heart's Oath - Allows breeding same sex centaurs, but doesn't guarantee successful breeding. Always gives 1 offspring, even when used on Starters. Cannot be combined with Gift of Siblings or Thrice Trick
Eleventh hour's Spell & Mirror of True Self were previously in this category. But as they don't directly boost anything in breedings, they belong to customization category. They have been moved there.

Breeding slots

Monthly limit & Splits

Slot Recipient: (Who gets the slot)

Limitations: (Partner, item use. You cannot limit the timeframe when slot has to be used, or what the slot recipient can or cannot do with the offspring)
Transfer Limitations: (If there's any limit whether the slot can be gifted or resold or not)
Slot Number: (To keep track how many slots you've given out for this centaur)

Given slots are to be commented on the centaurs imports comment section,
under the correct admin accounts comment "Slots".
For the sake of slot record keeping, even the centaurs owner needs to write out an official slot to themselves!

Slot amounts per rank

Commoner - 10
Lord - 15
Squire - 20
Baron - 30
Marquess - 40
Duke - 50
King - 60
Emperor - 70

There is a monthly limit on how many breeding requests you can post per month. 

You are allowed to post 3 own breedings, plus 2 split breedings. So 5 all together per month. You cannot mismatch these amounts, or "save and move" breedings to other month.

Split breedings are where two people post a breeding request together. Other person provides one slot, the other provides one slot. One person submits the breeding request, and the split partner has to comment to that request, confirming that they are part of this split. It's up to the split partners to discuss privately how they share the offspring/s.

Blessed Parent

Blessed Parrent is a trait your trait can have.
It guarantees successful breeding when Art or literature entry has been provided with the breeding.

  • Fullbody, Shaded & Complex background for both centaurs
  • 800 wordcount lit focusing on the breeding pair (but it doesn't need to be the theme of the entry!)

The Blessed Parent entry has to be rolled for exp before it can be used with the breeding.


Not all centaur types are compatible together. Meaning there are some types which cannot breed together to produce an offspring. See the compatibility below table to check which centaur types are able to be bred together.
When breeding parents of different types together, there is 50/50 chance which type the offspring will be.


Inbreeding is allowed in this arpg. HOWEVER, it is highly unrecommended. Inbreeding doesn't give any valuable bonuses, like increase mutation chances. Instead, it only has highly increased chance for stillborns. If in rare case the child is born, there's high chance it's infertile. 

It is recommend to throughoutly check if inbreeding is present with the couple you wish to breed together. Rolling admins will check it, and the breeding will be rolled if inbreeding is found. There is a high chance for "wasted" slots if the breeding produces stillborn offspring without the poster being aware of inbreeding. The responsibility to check for inbreeding is always in the posters hands.

All visible generations in lineage count for inbreeding, even the last one!

Breeding success rates

Rank of your centaur affects the success probability. There are items that increase the chances, and sharing a village with midwife will slightly increase the chances. 

Passing down genes

Sagittari features genes and basecolors in 3 rarity classes: Common, Uncommon and Rare.

There is always higher chance for common genes to pass over uncommon and rare ones. If you breed common x rare genes, such as basecolors, it is highly more likely that the offspring is born with common genes.

When breeding basecolors of same rarity class, such as rare x rare, the basecolor is guaranteed to be rare as well. 

But the rarer the marking, the harder it is to pass to offspring.