Hermes is a peculiar mutation that causes excessive growth of feathers on the centaurs body. There is no wings involved, and oftentimes the centaur doesn't have any control over the feathers. It can be considered as a cosmetic enhancement, or a nuisance, depending on person.   

Hermes artwork presented in imports are the default ones, but you are free to modify the mutation with Uniquer customization item

With Uniquer you can:

  • Remove some of the feathers. But there must still be some feathers left.
  • Change the feather shape
  • Cover the centaur with more feathers, but not more than 50% of the body can have feathering.

Hermes feathers always mimic the basecolor of the centaur's genotype, and they can mimic the markings presented in the design. Feathers can also have colors from the natural slider.