Adoption center

All these young centaurs are in need of a home.
The world was cruel and separated them from their parents, but that doesn't define them.

With you, a lost centaur can grow up strong and find their path.

Adopting your centaur

Adopting a centaur is nice and easy! But there is some rules you need to remember with your adopted centaur.

Adopted centaurs are free genos, they cannot be gifted, traded, resold with in-game or real-life currencies before they hit Lord rank. Before they hit that rank, you can however return them back to adoption center if you don't feel connected to them. Returned centaurs will keep their EXP points and professions they have acquired with their previous owner. The new owner can, however, wipe the centaur clean and remove its name and profession if they wish to.

All adopted centaurs start their lives as healthy and traitless unless stated otherwise.

Each player can adopt 1 free centaur.

When you have found a geno you wish to adopt, fill out the form below and reply to the provided journal link. 
Keep in mind that genos are given out in the order people have submitted requests. You might not get the geno you wish for if someone else has asked for it before you. If that happens, you'll get your second option.

>Submit your adoption request with a reply here<

Option 1: (#Number)
Option 2: (#Number)

Lost the proof of your adopted geno?
Don't worry, admins keep track of adopted genos. You can head over to Got Questions to ask for your lost proof!

Donating to the adoption center

You can donate unwanted genos and imports to adoption center to give other players a chance to give them a new home. Each donated geno and import will earn the player a reward of Gold Coins.

>Reply here to donate a geno<

Geno proof: (Link to proof you own the geno)
Genotype: (Full info)
Vault: (Your vault for rewards)

Donating a geno will reward you with 5 Gold coins.
Or return back an adopted centaur which hasn't been design approved yet.
Returned adoption centaurs won't give donation rewards.

>Reply here to donate an import<

Import link: (Link to import you wish to donate)
Design PSD: (Link where the new owner can download the designs psd)
EXP Tracker: (Link to centaurs EXP tracker.)
Vault: (Your vault for rewards) 

Donating an uploaded import will reward you with 10 Gold coins.