Import Updates

Welcome to import updates hub! 

If your business considers changes related to your centaurs official import, this place should have the right links to them. If not, head to Questions and we will redirect you to right place.

>Comment HERE to APPLY / REMOVE Cosmetic items!<

Import link:
List of items applied/removed: (State which one) 
Updated import image: ( link)
Vault name:  

Note: Save your original unedited import in your! It might still be needed.
Removing cosmetic items is free, but the cosmetic item won't be returned to your vault. 

>Comment HERE to APPLY / REMOVE Equipments!<

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Updated import image: (Updating the added equipment visually to import comes free with the equipment item. Optional, not mandatory.)
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Removing equipments is free, and they will be returned to your vault.
Equip CHARM OF FORTUNE here as well! Charm of Fortune gets destroyed once removed from import.

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>Comment HERE to request MISC. CHANGES<

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Misc changes can be things such as: Player name update, typo correction, etc

Centaur changing owners

When centaur changes owners, it will move from owner to another as it is: with it's profession, place in village/nomad, bio, and other achievements it may have collected through it's life. It will keep the items and traits applied to it. Once the centaur has changed owners, the previous owner cannot demand official changes to it, and needs to discuss about them with the new owner.

It is recommended for the centaurs previous owner to "clean" the import before selling it, for example the centaurs bio.

Centaur is always handed over to new owner with the centaurs EXP tracker, so the new owner can submit the points the centaur has collected to be transferred to a new tracker.

>Comment HERE to change centaurs owner<

Import link:
Previous EXP tracker: (So the new owner doesn't need to search for it)
Previous owner: (You)
New owner: (Who the centaur is going to)

Permanent changes to centaur

You can decease your centaur. That means that it has canonically passed away. It can still be pictured in artwork or literature, but they won't get any rolled benefits. It cannot receive EXP or loot, take part in events, and it cannot issue new breeding slots. Breeding slots given out before deceasing can still be used. 

Remember! This is a permanent change, and your centaur cannot rise back from death.

You can make your centaur completely infertile. This means that they won't be able to breed and produce offspring anymore.  Breeding slots given out before infertile update can still be used, but new breeding slots cannot be issued.

Remember! This is a permanent change, and your centaur cannot regain fertility.