The Divine Retrial is starting.
Can you hear the 
clarions of heavens call
organs of the depths wailing
while legends reincarnate as history

Prelude. mini event has ENDED

Prelude. Event

Prelude. is a prologue event that will run through March, leading to our first ever big Lore event.

A large storm is brewing in the north and causing destruction through the isle. Strong earthquakes have ripped the ground open, rivers are overflowing, crops are dying.
Historians are warning everyone, that something massive is approaching.
The signs we are seeing now, are harbingers of forgotten history...
Join the Sagians to prepare for this approaching calamity. 


Events are unlocked for centaurs on Commoner -rank!

The following requirements need to be fulfilled in your event entry to be eligible for loot:

  • Fullbody presentation of your centaur, with colors, shading and complex background.


  • 800 wordcount literature for one (1) event participating centaur.
    If more centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount. 

There can be a MAX of 4 activity participating centaurs in one entry that can get loot rolled. Others can be present for exp only.

Collabs are allowed! In artwork and literature, both participants need to give equal effort for them to be eligible for loot.
List clearly who has done what parts in the collab.

╭── ⋅ ⋅ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮ 

Remember, that this event is eligible
for the +2 event EXP bonus
for artworks and literatures!
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ── 
⋅ ⋅ ──✩ ── ⋅ ⋅── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯ 

Your event entry needs to be accepted into the group's "Prelude. Event" gallery folder, and the centaurs must have received their EXP roll BEFORE you can submit your entry to be rolled for loot. All entries submitted to the group submission queue before the event deadline are eligible for loot even after the event closes. Submissions posted after the event has closed will get their EXP rolled, but cannot claim loot.

Prompt 1 - Stockpile

There has been talk about an approaching disaster, larger, scarier and stronger anyone has encountered. You need to prepare in order to ensure survival.

Depict your centaur preparing for an approaching disaster. They can be stockpiling food, weapons, and any necessities needed in times of emergency.

Prompt 2 - Steel your mind

Balthazar has called for strong Sagians to gather with him to Rukbat City in the north. Whatever the threat approaching their isle is, they need to be ready to defend it with all they have. The Cervine capital has evacuated it's civilians, and instead of peace, those left in the city are filled with anxious anticipation.

Depict your centaur in Rukbat city´. They can be training with Balthazar, other centaurs, or be preparing for upcoming battle in their own way.

Prompt 3 - Devotion

Some centaurs are whispering about wrath of gods. That whatever is making their home isle turn against them, is a result of angered deities. 

Depict your centaur attending or performing rituals to appease whatever powers are afflicting their isle. They can also consult deities with other aspects related to their upcoming ordeals.

All prompts share one rewards table. Completing an entry rewards you with one (1) randomly rolled reward from list below:

  1. 1 x Healing Potion
  2. 1 x Stat Applicator
  3. 1 x Leather Armor 
  4. 1 x Steel Helmet
  5. 1 x Reinforced Shield
  6. 1 x Iron Weapon
  7. 1 x Scars customization item
  8. 1 x Bottled blood