Weather Phenomenon

Activity Modifier

April 2024 weather phenomenon:

Divine Retrial has started, and Giant of Earth is going rampage around the isle.
This is causing sinkholes to suddenly appear all around the isle, be careful not to fall into one!

Past Weather Phenomenons:
March 2024 - Black mist
February 2024 - Earthquakes
January 2024 - Continuous Aurora Borealis
November 2023 - Hail storm
December 2023 - Thundersnow

Weather Phenomenon is an optional activity modifier and EXP bonus.

When you include the monthly weather phenomenon in Exploring, Survival, Culture or Battles,
you earn a generous +5 EXP from that entry. It doesn't affect activity loots or battle results.

If your centaur is already injured or ill from an activity roll with weather phenomenon modifier, they cannot get +5 EXP weather boost again before getting healed. 

This doesn't apply to injuries got from non-weather modified activity rolls.

But beware, as there's significantly increased chance for catching an injury or illness from that activity entry.
Illness-related traits, such as Resistant and Vulnerable don't have affect against the rage of nature.
Including Weather Phenomenon modifier nullifies all illness/injury preventing or increasing features.

Weather injury is rolled when the activity piece is rolled for EXP
and accepted into the group.

If your centaur manages to slip through the weather unharmed,
your roll will feature this text:
"It seems the weather favors you today"

Due to it's unique game mechanic, art/lit with the Weather bonus cannot have their EXP changed/edited to match AR requirements after they have been accepted into the group. When you remove a piece from the group for EXP recounting, you must remove it from the tracker entirely. However, Weather Injuries are applied on the tracker comment during acceptance into the group, so removing the comment means that the 'proof' of the injury is lost which can lead to confusion/repeated injury/unfair rollings.