So you have chosen the isolated loneliness... or maybe someone else chose it for you.

Centaurs who don't belong to any set village are called Nomads.
Every centaur starts their journey in blank state, and once your centaur reaches Commoner rank they will automatically receive Nomad status on their imports. After their ranking update, they can apply for a village. 

Currently it is encouraged to join a village as they provide more benefits through professions than being a nomad does. As a nomad your centaur doesn't have a secured community and needs to survive alone, and this is reflected in benefits. 

 There are plans to make Nomad statues as desirable and balanced with village status. We wish to give nomads as much possibilities as villagers have!

So, stay tuned for Nomad focused content, mini-events and updates, and head over to our official Suggestions form if you have any ideas you wish to share !

Nomad professions

  • Thief - Explores, Survival and Culture bonus
    Thieves have a chance to steal themselves a copy of the highest rarity loot item from another centaur in the same AR entry.
    The centaur whose item gets "stolen" doesn't lose the item.

    Level 1 - 25% chance to steal a copy of highest rarity loot item
    Level 2 - 50% chance to steal a copy of highest rarity loot item
    Level 3 - 70% chance to steal a copy of highest rarity loot item

    Thieves possible stolen loot gets rolled from centaurs rolled before them in the same AR entry! So don't post your thieves AR roll as first from the entry, it's recommended to post thieves rolls last.
    A Thief's possible stolen loot is rolled based on the loot rolled for the centaurs before them in the loot rolling queue! Thieves should never be listed first for loot, they can't steal from themselves.
    Link all the centaurs before Thief in the same AR entry in thief centaur's activity form Bonuses -section. Thief's victim is rolled randomly from these centaurs, it cannot be chosen by the player.