Oof, that looks painful. Better go show it to a healer.

Injuries and illnesses are a normal part of life. 
Your centaur can injure themselves or catch illnesses from:

Exploring, Survival, Culture, Battle and some Events

Centaurs with Frail -mutation have higher chances for illnesses and injuries.
Default way to heal injured/sick centaur is a healing entry. In this entry, you need to picture your centaur treating their injury/illness. They can be pictured/written doing this by themselves, or by another centaur or arpg critter.

You can also apply a Healing Potion on your injured centaur.

An injured centaur can still take part in most of activities, unless stated otherwise. 
Centaur can only have one illness at the time.

The following minimum requirements need to be fulfilled in healing entry:

- Fullbody presentation of your centaur, with basecolors and simple background.


- 500 wordcount literature per healing centaur. The centaur getting healed must fulfill that 500. When more centaurs are healed in one entry, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount. 

All healing entries must be done by the centaurs owner.

If you are part of a village with Level 1 healer, you can collab an entry and heal 2 centaurs in one picture. The healer must be present in the entry. One of the healed centaurs needs to be part of the same village with the healer, the other one doesn't need to be.

If player has multiple centaurs injured, they can heal max 2 of their own centaurs in same entry.

 >Reply HERE to heal your centaur<

Import link
: (Your centaur that needs healing)
Healing entry: (If you are using art/lit peace to heal your centaur, link it here. If not, this part can be deleted.) 
Village proof: (If your centaur is in village with a Healer, link the village tracker here. If not, this part can be deleted.)
Item used: (If you use an item to heal, list it here with your vault or other link proof. If not, this part can be deleted.)

Injury penalties

Nobody is invincible. If you get injured or ill and not heal your centaur in time, they will suffer penalties.

You have 2 month to submit a healing request after your centaur has received the injury. The deadline will be presented in the activity comment which resulted in the injury/illness.

When healed within that time frame, they won't suffer any consequences. But longer you wait, more severe your centaurs condition will become. 

Going over the 2 month deadline 

  • Your centaur will loose 50% their collected stat points. If they have no stat points, they will get -1 to three randomly rolled stat points.

Going again over 2 month

  • Your centaur will become infertile. This cannot be currently undone.