The legends have returned as reality. Whether we are ready for them or not.

Divine Retrial: EARTH is Sagittari's first big lore event.

This event is CLOSED

To get to know more about the ´Giant and lore, see Giant's page and Lore so far page!


╭── ⋅ ⋅ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

Remember, that this event is eligible
for the +2 event EXP bonus
for artworks and literatures!
╰── ⋅ ⋅ ──
⋅ ⋅ ──── ⋅ ⋅── ⋅ ⋅ ──╯

(Also remember, that Weather Phenomenon affects our permanent activities of Exploring, Survival, Culture and Battles. Weather phenomenon bonus doesn't reach events!)

Event art & literature related rules

  • One entry can have max 3 Medallion gaining centaurs.
    Meaning, one entry can be used by max 3 different centaurs when they claim Medallion. GUIDE -trait doesn't increase this amount!
    An entry can hold more taurs for exp, but mention in entry description which centaur you want to apply medallion to
  • All medallion gaining entries must be either made by the taurs owner, or as a collab with the owner! 
    If your taur is featured in someone else's entry without it being a collab, you cannot count it to your medallion or reward crate count.
  • Entries counted to claim reward crates need to be either done by you, collabed by you, and include at least one of your own centaurs.
  • The chosen prompt must be clear in the entry. Admins shouldn't need to guess if the entry fits the prompt description.
  • The Earth Giant is quite a large foe. For all prompts with the Giant present,
    you can present her:

    - As a silhouette
    - Undefined part of her only. She doesn't need to be fullbody in any entry. This can be, for example: her tree bark textured "skin", or legs, or just a headshot.
    See fullbody reference of the Giant from Giants page! The fullbody isn't colored, but you can match the description of "petrified wood-like" as best as you can.
  • One prompt per one entry. All taurs in shared entry (image or literature) need to go under the same prompt.

Example 1: A player owns 3 centaurs. They make 1 prompt entry to the event. This entry will  gain bronze medallion at the end of the event for all of the taurs if the owner doesn't make more entries.

Example 2: A Player owns 3 centaurs, A, B and C.
They make 5 prompt entries, meaning 5 separate pictures or literatures:
1 x with A
2 x with A, B and C
2 x with A and C
The owner can claim SILVER crate for completing 5 entries.
Centaur A and C receives Silver medallion, while B receives Bronze

All entries count towards medallion and reward crate gain must have: 

  • Fullbody presentation of your centaur, with colors, shading and complex background.
  • 800 wordcount literature for one medallion/reward gaining centaur, with most of the literatures wordcount focusing on the prompt itself. If more than one medallion/reward gaining centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount, and they need to be present for the required 400 words each. 

  • Literature collabs follow the same rp word count rules as other activities have, check the explanation and example from experience points page

    Example: 3 centaurs are participating in the event and owner wants this entry to count for medallions for all of them, and this entry is used in reward crate count. Then the wordcount is 800 + 400 + 400 = 1600. This 1600 must focus actively on these 3 centaurs and the prompt. 
    If this 1600 wordcount only barely mentions these 3 participating centaurs, the entry won't pass.

── ⋅ ⋅ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──

Reward and Medallion claims open at the end of the event! 
The prompt entries don't get rolled for any loot.
They will receive normal exp rolls only. 

── ⋅ ⋅ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ──⋅ ⋅ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──

♥ Other ARPG creatures can be featured in entries! ♥

Prompts and prompt paths 

This event's prompts are divided into two paths: Defender and Attacker.
You can pick and choose prompts from both paths to your centaur
You can repeat prompts, meaning making multiple entries for same prompt.
These will count normally for medallions and reward crates.


Centaurs who actively defend their home front
against the Giant.

#1 Bonfires 

The Earth Giant is afraid of FIRE. Sagians decide to light bonfires around their homes and villages in an attempt to make The Giant avoid them. 

#2 Evacuate

You choose to hastily evacuate away from the giants path. Your home is in the path of The Giant's large footsteps .Time to say possibly the last goodbyes to your home and take what you can carry.

#3 New friends

You encounter a confused ursine centaur. There's no time to waste, despite their confusion everyone must either fight or run. Help an ursine centaur to safety!

The entry must include at least one ursine starter in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art

#4 Let me help

You are treating either someone else's wounds, or your own. 

Your centaur can be pictured solo treating their own wounds.
If other centaurs are present, it can be either a nameless non-existing character or official Sagitaur, and they must be presented in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art 

#5  The Missionary 

A masked centaur is standing in your path. They are preaching to you about the Giants divine status and the mission of some random Disciples of Ancient Faith group. Whatever that is. But The Giant is approaching, you really don't have time to sit down for a chat, but this fanatic Missionary doesn't let you go.

Fighting against the Missionary: the entry must include the Missionary in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art 

#6 Keeping the morale up

In times of disaster mental strength is just as important as the physical strength to fight. You and your fellow taurs need to stay strong and have the willpower to keep your home front strong. How do you keep your and/or fellow taurs' morale up?

#7 Hiding

The Giant has reached your village and you decide to hide. You are scared and/or worried that The Giant will attack if they see you. Let's hope it won't stomp on your hiding place.

#8 Know your enemy

We must know what we are fighting against to have better chances at defeating it. Your taur decides to seek ancient texts to learn more about the legendary Giants. Nothing like a little reading break while the world burns around you.

#9 Resources

You find little fallen pieces of The Giant's scaly being. It resembles wood, but it's hard like rock, yet cuts like diamond. It's a truly unique material, and you cannot just leave it behind!

#10 Orphans

Undoubtedly the most tragic part in this catastrophe. You come across an orphaned child whose parents have met an unfortunate fate due The Giants rampage.

the entry must include include a child centaur in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art. This child can be a nameless non-existing character, or official Sagitaur.


Centaurs who actively attack against the Giant with a goal to bring it down.

#1 Fire arrows

The Earth Giant is afraid of FIRE.  Shoot your fiery arrows at it and try to pierce through its thick armor.

#2 Gear up! 

It is time to get your weapons and armor! And that includes gardening tools, pot lids and shovels! What kind of weapons will your centaur use against The Giant.

#3 Hero's ally 

You join the brave ursine warriors right on the front line and battle beside the legendary hero Kangchenjunga. Picture your centaur fighting alongside him, supporting him, or interacting him in other ways.

The entry must include Kangchenjunga in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art

#4  Wounded

You are wounded in the great battle against The Giant! How will you survive?

#5 Freestyle

Show your centaurs unique style of fighting against The Giant! Be it stabbing it's enormous toes with a pitchfork or throwing a friend at it (questionable, but we don't judge)

#6  The Guardian

This armored centaur is coming between you and The Giant, stopping your attempts at fighting against it. They are actively attacking you for daring to fight against a divine entity. They are gushing about some "holy mission from Disciples of Ancient Faith " Whatever that means. You want to try to hurt or stop the giant? You'll need to defeat The Guardian first.

Fighting against The Guardian: the entry must include The Guardian in at least a majorly supporting role for literature or at least as a halfbody for art.


The Guardian has a complex design. You do not need to faithfully replicate all her armor details in event artwork. You can picture her more simplified. 

#7 Giant's heart

The Giant has an exposed core in it's chest. This core is crystallized ancient power and keeps The Giant alive. You decide to try and break this crystal core, but how will you do that? 

#8 Co-op

Show off your fighting skills as a duo or a group! 
This prompt must have at least 2 centaurs. It can be a collab or personal art.

#9 Giant Parkour

Can't avoid going climbing The Giant, but it's not easy. But nothing in this war is easy, so let's hope you have a good grip or climbing gear.

#10 Forced break

No one's unstoppable, not even the fiercest warriors. Either you or your fellow taurs have reached the limit and need to take a forced break from the fighting. A body can't last forever under this constant stress and needs some food, water and sleep.

Rewards & Medallions

Reward crate type is based on the amount of prompts you, the player, have completed for this event.
 Reward crates are claimed only once, after the event itself has ended.

Each player can get ONE crate, based on the amount you have completed entries. 
You cannot claim multiple lower tier crates instead of higher level, it's one per person.  

BRONZE Reward Crate

3 completed prompts

SILVER Reward Crate

5 completed prompts

GOLD Reward Crate

7 completed prompts

Optional rewards can be chosen to left out if you don't wish to get them.

Your centaur will receive one (1) medallion on their trophy wall based on the amount of prompts they have successfully completed. The type of medallion (Defender or Attacker) is based on which pathways prompts your centaur has completed the most. If your centaur has completed equal amount of prompts from both pathways, then the owner can choose the medallion type.

Bronze Medallion - 1-3 completed prompts
Silver Medallion - 4-6 completed prompts
Gold Medallion - 7+ completed prompts

Medallion art by Ebonmere