Other beings

Josh Meeder - Pexels
Josh Meeder - Pexels

Isle of Sagittari is known as the promised land of centaurs, but it's also home for wide variety of species's. 

Canonically you can find animals from all corners of our world in Sagittari, expect humans. Canonically humans haven't made their way to the island, but! You can create your own lores and stories, and they don't need to follow the canon. You can feature other animals, humans and humanoids in your personal lores.  

Not only is there regular animals, one can encounter mythological beasts as well. Running into a jackalope on your Sunday walk is rather common, and if you are very unlucky, you can run into mischievous imps.
There are animals similar to centaur types themselves, such as large feline and canine beasts, wild horses and elk. Centaurs don't see them as relatives or species that are close to them. They are deemed as animals, who happen to have some similarities with them. Some centaurs hunt them, while others choose to leave them be out of respect.
The players can choose their characters opinion and how they approach these animals.

Larger and aggressive monsters live far away from centaur communities, but occasionally they cross path with centaurs. Those encounters can be extremely dangerous. Some researchers have noted, that these aggressive beasts have started attacking centaur communities more often.