Terms of Service

General Behavior

Isle of Sagittari is a welcoming and inclusive game. Therefore, we aim to make this community a pleasant and comfortable place to be. Any kind of discrimination is strictly prohibited, and there is absolute zero tolerance towards bullying and excessive passive aggressive behavior. Violation of these terms of play may result in disciplinary action by the group.

The rules presented apply to admins as well. Be considerate and patient towards admins, as they are humans just as you, and work voluntarily to make Isle of Sagittari rolling forward smoothly.   

The above rules apply to the DeviantArt platform, as well as the associated member Discord server. Please be advised that we cannot monitor how our members or admins behave on other platforms, as well as their behavior outside of Isle of Sagittari.

If you have encountered inappropriate or foul behavior towards yourself by a game member or an admin, reach out to founder (RoutArt / Routahine) with proof. Please remember that reporting to the founder is for serious matters only.
Please don't send admins or founder Discord dm's or DeviantArt notes regarding game issues without permissions. Not all admins are comfortable with members reaching out to them personally. Please send a note to SagittariAdmin deviantarrt user instead. 

Please remember that this ARPG is meant to be a hobby and not taken too seriously. Don't let this ARPG influence your real life structure or your well-being. 

Game art

Isle of Sagittari holds the rights for all the art and written text presented in the games platforms, be it commissioned, founder or admin made. Game graphics, such as import templates, are not allowed to be copied, traced, or posted anywhere without the founder's written permission.
Members are responsible for their personal art, their use, and rights, and hold the responsibility to follow all terms of service on each respective platform. Isle of Sagittari does not take responsibility for member's art that is not related to game play.


Designing your centaur as a copy, reference, or a lookalike to a copyrighted character is strictly prohibited. This includes game, comic, TV-series, movie, book, and anime characters. Copying another ARPG creature's design by another artist is strictly prohibited. You may, however, recreate an ARPG character design that you own.
As the admins cannot be aware of all mainstream media and arpg creatures of the world, some copies might get through. If copied design is pointed out later and evidence presented, proving the centaurs design was an intended copy, the owner of the design will get a warning.  

Warnings and penalties

Every case is evaluated individually. If a member breaks the terms of services in any way, they can receive a warning. 
After 3 warnings this member will receive a 12 month ban from the game. They will be removed from the official member discord server, and they cannot take part in the game in any way; their entries won't get rolled and requests will be denied. Banned member can still sell or donate their centaurs and get art made of them, but they won't be rolled for exp or benefits before the ban is lifted. 

Isle of Sagittaris member discord server has it's own rules to follow. If you fail to follow the rules there and behave improperly, same warning and ban rules comply there.