Sagittari isle has been living in relative peace for centuries now.

But it's residents have started to notice changing winds. Their isle seems to be stirring,
almost like it's waking up.
First changes the islanders encountered were raging storms.
They feel unnatural, too strong, too calculated. Misfortune seem to follow wherever the islanders go.

Like someone, or something, is orchestrating everything.

A looming threat has been spotted in the shadows. Members bearing mysterious golden symbols have been wandering around the isle. Stalking, gathering information, attacking seemingly random centaurs. Bravely Sagians chased their latest attacker away, but the seed of uncertainty has been planted. Almost like an embodiment of everyone's concerns, a Hanahaki mutation bloomed for the first time. 

The veil of fog that is surrounding their home isle has started to fade away in the north. 

The isle shook in terror as the northern sea retreated. Isle researchers and historians all worked hard to understand these signs, as it was clear something big was brewing. A pathway opened to newly revealed new northern lands, but the ground was shaking with tremors. The ground itself was splitting open as an enormous being was crawling out.

Away from seeing eyes, an organization called Disciples of Ancient Faith's leader was performing a ritual. Wielding magic thought to be long forgotten, he lifted up a curse that was set centuries ago. With this curse lifted, ancient Giant of Earth element regained life again and emerged under the revealed northern sea bed.  
But what 
Disciples of Ancient Faith didn't know, that tied to this curse was centaurs who originally defeated the Giant of Earth. Ursine centaurs, legendary warriors of the Sagittari Isle, had fallen into time freezing sleep centuries ago alongside the Giant. 

But now they had returned. And alongside them Kangchenjunga, an ursine commander.
Together with friends of the past he orchestrated the curse to defeat the Giants.

Now, centuries later, they have returned to a scene that seems like it happened just yesterday. But this time they have new generation of Sagians to aid in an attempt of bringing down the Giant.