Click the banner above to see the full sized canon map of the main isle of Sagittari! Players are not forced to follow the map, lore locations and setting presented below. They can create their own lore and settings for them as long as they follow the games theme.

The main isle of Sagittari is vast and mostly undiscovered. Many historical locations have been overrun by monsters, and some areas are so hostile from the unpredictable weather and unstable terrain that most centaurs avoid them. 

There are no set kingdoms anymore, those were broken out decades ago. But communities have started to appear again, and it remains to be seen how the political atmosphere will grow. 

Member owned map markers

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Official Lore Locations:

1. Equine Capital - Ascella City
The unofficial capital of Equine centaur residents of the isle. Many Equines live close by or in the city.

2. Cervine Capital - Rukbat City
The unofficial capital of Cervine centaur residents of the isle. Many Cervines live close by or in the city. 

3. Feline Capital - Alnasl City
The unofficial capital of Feline centaur residents of the isle. Many Felines live close by or in the city. 

4. Canine Capital - Baade City
The unofficial capital of Canine centaur residents of the isle. Many Canines live close by or in the city. 

5. Kaus Borealis Coliseum
Center of sports, or violence, as some call it. Balthazar trains fighting skills here, and competitive non-serious gladiator fights are held here. Swiftwind often holds sports related events here.

6. Great library of Kaus Australis
Center of all written history and knowledge. You can find the library's director Kyrios here, and others who wish to research the secrets of life. Or just read and spend some quiet time.

7. Grand Market 
The isle is full of smaller markets, but none of them compare to the Grand Market. You can find everything imaginable for sale there, meet centaurs from every corner of the isle, and surely loose all your money. Either by shopping or by getting robbed. 

8. Albaldah Amphitheatre
The cultural center of the isle. Every night the Amphitheater is filled with life and joy, as centaurs of all types gather for theater performances, music shows and dances. You can most likely find Narkissos directing theater plays here.

9. Nunki Institute
Nunki institute is a large communal gathering place for all centaur types. It holds class rooms for your centaurs, safe space for centaurs in need, and healer Hyacintha operates here.

10. Cyril's weather observatory
Lonesome building high up the mountain, behind a challenging trek. Meteorologist Cyril lives here and observes the changing weather phenomenons. Go say hi to him, so he doesn't become a complete hermit.

11. Ursine Capital - Otava City
Otava city was once a large city, hub of all life and trade in the far north of the isle. Now most of it is destroyed into ruins. But with Ursines return, they are determined to rebuild their home.