Battle system

Current Challengers and Bosses are divided into 3 difficulties: Novice, Medium and Hard. It is recommended to start with Novice level challengers, but you can carve your own path to become the master fighter. Or get your ass majorly kicked before crawling back to Novice challengers, that is a path too. 

Each difficulty category has their own Boss. In addition to these permanent bosses, there will also be rotating Traveling Bosses. These bosses will rotate seasonally and give changing special prizes. 

Boss battle entries need to be done by the centaurs owner.
NPC challenger battle entries are not required to be made by the fighting centaurs owner, and can be made by someone else.

Each challenger and boss give out unique rewards if you defeat them. If you lose your battle, there is a high risk of getting wounded, but if you do you'll receive: 1 x Scars customization item & 50 SC

Requirements for battles

  • Fullbody presentation of both fighting opponents, with colors, shading and complex background.


  • 1000  wordcount literature for one activity participating centaur, with most of the literatures wordcount focusing on the battling centaur the activity and itself.
    If more centaurs are present, each centaur adds +400 words to the needed wordcount.

    For PvP collab literatures, each person needs to fulfill that 1000 minimum requirement in their part of the collab.
    So in example, two person PvP literature battle minimum wordcount for two centaurs is 2000. 

  • Comic battles must feature at least one fullbody frame of the activity roll receiving centaur, and the comics focus needs to clearly be on battling. With PvP battle comics, both fighters need to have at least one fullbody frame.

Bystanders can be added for exp. 

There can be 1 activity participating centaur in one NPC/BOSS entry.

For PvP collabs, both participants need to give equal amount of effort for the collab. 

Rolling battle results and redeeming loot

Just like other activities, redeeming loot is the owner's responsibility.

Remember that Battle results and loot can be claimed AFTER your activity entry has been accepted to the group! 

>Proceed to Battle Processing<

There isn't currently minimum artwork size for activity entries. The participating centaurs however need to be properly recognizable, and follow simplicity rules presented in EXP guide. If admins cannot recognize the centaurs or they appear too simplistic due small size, the loot roll can be denied.  

Battle Points

Battles work with Battle points that come directly from your centaur's Stat points and applied equipment.
The combined total of their stat points and applied equipment is their base Battle Points. Additionally, each fighter gets a randomly rolled amount of Battle Points at the start of the fight, and the amount of extra Battle Points can be increased with bonuses.  

The RNG bonus points are rolled between 1-10.
The range is big to represent that anything can happen in battle. May the Lady Luck favor you!

Let's see Sétanta's base Battle point breakout for example:

Combined together, these 10 + 12 points will result in 22 battle points. On top of that, each fighter receives randomly generated bonus points for each battle.

Bonuses and Sabotage

You can increase your chances for victory with bonuses; such as equipping armor, a shield and weapons. This equipment increases your Battle Points by turning the equipment stat boost into points.

You can also choose to sabotage. Current ways to sabotage are:

Lesser poison has 20% chance of poisoning your opponent,
resulting in them loosing -5 battle points.

Potent poison has 50% chance of poisoning your opponent,
resulting in them loosing -5 battle points.

You can sabotage in all NPC and Boss battles. With PvP battles, if battle points are the chosen method for determining the winner, both participants need to consent on using sabotage. With RNG method sabotage cannot be used.

PvP Fights

Nothing like a friendly fight, or honorable fight to almost-death.
You can challenge your friends into PvP Fights! You can choose to either enable battle points for determining winner, or only RNG. 

Your submission needs to be an equally made collab to be eligible for PvP battle. This collab must be done by players who own the centaurs that are fighting each other. 

PVP rewards:

The winning player receives 1 x Stat applicator, 1 x Scars customization item & 100 SC 
The losing player receives: 1 x Scars customization item & 50 SC

Traveling Battleboss

None currently!

Battle NPC's and Bosses

Level 1 - Novice

Challenger 1 - A very pissed off porcupine
Battle points: 5 + rng
Watch out for those spikes!

Victory rewards:
100 SC
2 x Stick
1 x Crafty Tools

Challenger 3 - Gang of cervid youth
Battle points: 5 + rng
Oh no, you have stumbled upon the toughest street gang around here! 
Three best friends who have a mighty kick, and want to steal whatever you have.
(These cervines are nameless NPC's. You cannot feature other players cervine centaurs in these roles.)

Victory rewards
100 SC
+ 1 Speed to winning centaur
1 x Rune Pieces
1 x Simple Helmet

Challenger 5 - Sheep in wolf's clothing
Battle points: 5 + rng
How and why, we don't know. But this sheep is not to be underestimated.

Victory rewards: 
100 SC 
1 x Fashionista customization item
1 x Meat

Challenger 2 - Overgrown viper
Battle points: 5 + rng
Somehow this snake has tripled it's size?! And now it wants to eat you. At least try to.

Victory rewards
100 SC
1 x Lesser Poison
1 x Bottled blood

Challenger 4 - Pack of wild dogs
Battle points: 5 + rng
They are many, and they are circling you. What will you do?

Victory rewards: 
100 SC
+ 1 Intelligence to winning centaur
1 x Tanned leather piece

BOSS - Chiyou Fireheart
Battle points: 5, +4 Equipment, + rng

Chiyou the Fireheart is a battle instructor to young and brave cervids. Passionate and dedicated, she will want to see you bring on your best.

To challenge Chiyou you must have completed: 5 x NPC battle victories.

Victory rewards:
200 SC & 4 GC 
1 x Slot to Chiyou Fireheart
1 x Wooden Shield

Level 2 - Medium

Challenger 1 - Trickster Satyr
Battle points: 10 + rng
This mischievous satyr has tricked you and attempts to steal all your possessions.
At this point the only language it understands is fists and kicks. 

Victory rewards:
200 SC
1 x Potent Poison
1 x Divine Apple

Challenger 3 - Hellish Moose
Battle points: 10 + rng
Some say this monstrous beast has risen from the very rivers of Hell itself. Now, he challenges anyone who crosses his path.

Victory rewards
200 SC 
+ 2 Strength to winning centaur
1 x Shed Antler
1 x Intact pelt

Challenger 5 - Angered Mammoth
Battle points: 10 + rng
This enormous mammoth has a strong dislike towards centaurs.
Do you dare to cross paths with her?

Victory rewards:
200 SC  
1 x Mythical Beast Skull
1 x Shaman Drum

Challenger 2 - Wandering Ghoul
Battle points: 10 + rng
This ghoul has lost it's soul a long, long time ago... and now it wants yours. 

Victory rewards:
200 SC
1 x Body Paints customization item
1 x Blessed Compass
1 x Steel Helmet

Challenger 4 - Guardian Bear
Battle points: 10 + rng
This bear guards a holy land, and thinks you have crossed way too close to it.

Victory rewards
200 SC
+ 2 Defense to winning centaur  
1 x Bear Skull

BOSS - Sétanta the Frenzied
Battle points: 10, +12 Equipment, + rng
There is something wrong with Sétanta. He was banished from his community, and now lives as a shunned nomad. He's turned to a life of crime and won't shy away from violence to get what he wants.

To challenge Sétanta, you must have completed: 7 x NPC battle victories, and defeat Chiyou Fireheart

Victory rewards:
300 SC & 6 GC  
1 x Slot to Sétanta the Frenzied
1 x Leather Armor

Level 3 - Hard

Challenger 1 - Rainbow Phoenix
Battle points: 20 + rng
Her feathers shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow, her talons glow like hot iron. You are going to need a lot of skills to avoid her wings and claws.

Victory rewards
300 SC
+ 3 Stamina to winning centaur
1 x Glowing Talons

Challenger 3 - Your mirrored self
Battle points: 20 + rng
Some rumors say that this mysterious shapeshifter doesn't even remember their true self anymore. It usually portrays itself as a mirrored image of it's opponent to try and gain the upper hand with psychological warfare.

Victory rewards:
300 SC
1 x Uniquer customization item
1 x Theater Masks
1 x Enhanced Knights Helmet

Challenger 5 - Rampaging Dragon
Battle points: 20 + rng
This ancient dragon has been slowly losing his mind and has now gone mad. He has destroyed multiple villages, wreaking havoc and destruction. You need to try and stop it.

Victory rewards:
300 SC
1 x Star Shard
1 x Iridescent Scales

Challenger 2 - Mountain Golem
Battle points: 20 + rng
Formed from mountain boulders, this golem might be slow and clumsy, but he packs a mighty punch. You need to use your wits to avoid being one-hit into mashed potatoes.

Victory rewards:
300 SC
+ 3 Charisma to winning centaur
+ 1 Song of Ancients 

Challenger 4 - River Serpent
Battle points: 20 + rng
This serpent has been attacking and eating centaurs that have tried to cross the river. It cannot be avoided or fooled, it must be defeated.

Victory rewards:
300 SC
1 x Charm of Fortune
1 x Aurora Particles

BOSS -  Vahagn the Thunderous
Battle points: 20, +20 Equipment, + rng
Can you feel that menacing aura? That's Vahagn the Thunderous. Like lightning, she strikes quickly and has exploding strength, ploughing through all obstacles. Hope you are ready and pray to your gods.

To challenge Vahagn, you must have completed: 10 x NPC battle victories, and defeat Sétanta the Frenzied and Chiyou Fireheart

Victory rewards:
1 x Slot to Vahagn the Thunderous
1 x Enhanced steel weapon
500 SC / 10 GC