" Frail centaurs were not born under lucky stars.
The healers don't know if something went wrong, but some children are just born more frail than others." 

Frail centaurs don't have physical changes to their imports.
Lore-wise however they are typically smaller and weaker than average centaurs. 

Centaurs born with Frail -mutation suffer from multiple penalties:

- They start their life with -1 in all available stats
- They have increased chance to catch an illness or get hurt in activities.
- They have fewer breeding slots available than healthy centaurs. See the slot count below.

" Don't let these challenges limit you. Go forth and conquer, but do reconsider that battle career. "

Total slots per rank for Frail -mutation

Commoner - 20 exp
- Breeding unlocked. Your centaur has now 5 Breeding slots

- 50 exp
+2 Breeding slots (total 7)

Squire - 100 exp
+3 Breeding slots (total 10)

Baron - 200 exp
+4 Breeding slots (total 14)

 Marquess - 350 exp
+5 Breeding slots (total 19)

Duke -500 exp
+5 Breeding slots (total 24)

King - 900 exp
+5 Breeding slots (total 29)

Emperor - 1500 exp
+5 Breeding slots (total 34)