Albinism is a mutation which causes absence of melanin in centaurs. Albino centaurs have pigment loss in everything visible, from skin and coat to keratin parts like nails, claws and hooves. Albinism affects centaurs eyes as well, making them either pale blue, or pale pink/red. 

There are two ways albinism can show in your centaurs design, showcased by Swiftwind above.

  • Version 1 - There is no pigment present at all, no markings visible and basecolor is completely white, off-white or very light creme.
  • Version 2 - Albinism has made all the colors faint and pale. The markings are barely visible, and colors are strongly desaturated.

In nature albinism typically causes side effects such as loss of vision and light sensitivity, with increased risk of sunburns. These side effects are not present in the game, and is up to albino centaurs owner to decide in their lore.