After defeating the Earth Giant, the islanders noticed peculiar strangers appearing. It looks like they carry imposing wings on their heads! How strange! Even some children born after the victory seem to carry this winged mutation? 

Cherub is a mutation that gives your centaurs decorative wings on their head and shoulders. These wings are fully decoration only and can't actually function like wings. The wings can have sense of touch on them, and some centaurs are able to move them around. One pair of these wings works as feathered ears.

Cherub artwork presented in imports are the default ones, but you are free to modify the mutation with Uniquer customization item

With Uniquer you can:

  • Change the look of feathers, and shape of the wings
  • Make the wings appear smaller or slightly larger. The largest pair of shoulder wings should never be larger than the centaurs lower torso pack, and the smaller wings can never be larger than the largest shoulder pair.
  • Remove some of the wings. There must be at least one (1) set of wings left.

    You can't move the wings around or completely remove all of them.

Cherub feathers always mimic the basecolor of the centaur's genotype, and they can mimic the markings and marking colors presented in the design. Feathers can also have colors from the natural slider.

Cherub is a complex mutation, and it was just as complex to create on imports. You, the member, will need to do some minor cleaning work to make sure the Cherub wings sit nicely with your centaurs import. If you come across any problems with your art program, you can always ask for help from other members on our Discord server! 

Remove your centaurs original right ear to make sure the Cherub wing-ear sits properly on it's place.
Unlock the basecolor and lineart layers so you get to edit them.