Revealed from frozen time, veil of fog cracks open to reveal forgotten land of Ursines. 

Physical Description

Ursines are the currently the largest centaur type found in the isle. They are naturally heavyset, having typically muscular build with fat storage. Ursines are sturdy with thick bones, but by all means they are not clumsy. They excel in raw force and strength, but can perform surprisingly fast dashes. Ursine centaurs are armed with long claws on their lower torsos. It's common for them to upkeep their nails as long as well, some keeping them sharpened.

Ursine centaurs of Sagittari isle are based on brown bears, with longer legs and more upright front.


There was a time when ursine centaurs were known as the warriors of the isle. This warrior tradition is still kept up in the ursine community, and warriors training is highly valued. Historically there was nothing stronger than an army of ursines, and even if that history is now forgotten, ursines themselves still take pride in that.

As a complete contrast to their warrior traditions, food and culinary arts are important in their culture. Ursines have a very diverse diet; some are strictly carnivorous, some herbivore, and some follow versatile omnivore diet. Thanks to this diversity, best cooks and recipe books originate from ursine centaurs.

Ursines are rather openminded taurs, and historically they haven't had confrontations with other centaur types. 
Maybe it's a learned thing. Best keep ursine as your friend and ally, and not as your enemy.

Extra info

- In game lore, Ursine centaurs have been been frozen in time for centuries. They were freed in the Divine Retrial: EARTH -event, but players are not forced to follow this lore with their ursines.

- Like bears in our real life, ursine taurs are able to stand up on their hind legs!