Physical Description

Quick and strong, felines attack like rockets. They are armed with retractile claws on their lower torso, and their upper torso fingers have naturally strong and sharp nails as well.

From all other centaur types, felines have most difference between genders. Male-born felines are larger than females and often have thick long hair, that travels all the way down their upper torsos back. Female-born felines can have longer hair along their upper torsos spine, but it rarely grows into full blown mane. 

Felines are based on our real world lions. They generally have stocky build, and short coat on their lower torso. Typically they are slightly bigger and bulkier than canine centaurs, largest males reaching same heights as cervids. The tallest recorded feline height has been 160 cm / 5' 3" at the withers, while shortest healthy feline are typically 130 cm / 4' 3".


It is common to see mostly female feline communities, the males living either nomad lifestyle, or together in bachelor groups. Social hierarchy is very important in feline communities, and there's often skirmishes about that. Felines are stereotypically considered the aggressive bullies of the isle, and they don't really work to prove otherwise. For them, actions speak louder than words. 

To contrast all that, felines are very caring towards those who they hold dear. Family is very important for felines, and found family is very common living setting for many. Felines held honor and loyalty in high value, and appreciate honesty. Cowardliness and lying are seen shameful.

Felines are typically carnivores.

Extra info

  • Yes they like to nap in cuddle piles like real-life cats
  • They also value cleanliness highly, and brush each other and bathe often. 
  • Feline centaurs can purr and growl