Physical Description

Canines have the most physically varied of all centaur types. There can be drastic changes in their sizes and body builds, as well as coat types and lengths. But the most commonly seen variety of the canines are based on our world's wolf. 
Canines are considered physically smallest centaur type found from the isle. They are often similar in height as felines, but lighter than them. What they lack in physical strength they make up in endurance and stamina. The largest recorded canine is 158 cm / 5' 2" from withers, and smallest 100 cm / 3' 3". 

Like feline centaurs, canines have sharp teeth and claws. They cannot retract the claws on their paws. Their fingers have typically sharp and strong nails as well.  


The versatile canine centaurs are often seen as the underdogs (pun intended) of the Sagittari residents. typically very open social butterflies, canines don't have strong distrust towards any other types. They have their own communities, but also make their ways to other types communities as well. You will often see canines as traveling merchants or researches, as they are driven by adventures and they are known to be intelligent creatures.  
Loyal and brave, canine centaurs make up their smaller size with their devotion. Most of them are highly motivated and vigorous, yet there are expectations. It is said, that if you make a canine centaur mad at you, you will have to work very hard to earn their forgiveness. 

Canine centaurs are typically omnivores, yet every individual has their preferences.

Extra info

  • Canine centaurs wag their tail when they are happy, and otherwise communicate with their bodylanguage a lot to support said words.
  • Canine centaurs can be customized to have droopy ears.
  • Canine centaurs can be very loud if they so wish, and in annoyance for others, some even howl