Physical Description

Cervine centaurs are the only type found in the isle that carries antlers without any mutation being present. Both females and males grow antlers. Cervines are based on our world's elks and deer. That shows in the wide variety of antler Cervine centaurs can have; they can be presented with elk antlers, moose antlers, caribou antlers, etc.
They are typically slightly smaller than Equines, with tallest Cervine recorded being around 164 cm /  5' 5" at the withers, while shortest healthy cervine are typically 130 cm / 4' 3". But they are in no way weaker than equines, and just like them, have a mighty kick. 

Cervines have a wide variety of coat types. Most of them have a short rough coat on their lower torso, with shorter and smoother on the upper one. Some individuals may have longer caribou-like coat hanging from their front, where their upper and lower body meet. That longer coat can travel across their stomach.


Cervines are first and foremost loyal to their own kin, living as tightly-knitted closed communities. Being wary towards felines and canines has been taught to them through generations for long. The only other centaurs they feel they can trust are the equines. 
Cervines are very protective of their territories, and especially the male ones don't shy from showing their strength if they have to scare somebody away. Typically all cervines have protective nature towards each other, yet exceptions exist. 

On the other hand, cervines enjoy simple things in life. Tasty food and athleticism are highly valued, as well as music. It is said that best vegan cooks are often cervines. As a balance, there are mighty cervine warriors, and many of them can stand up to even strongest felines.

Extra info

  • Cervines of all genders drop and regrow their antlers. This can be an uncomfortable process for some. 
  • Antlers have some beauty standards tied to them, and larger antlers are appreciated. Some even like to decor their antlers.