Physical Description

Equine centaurs have bodies resembling our world's horses. You could say they are the most "classical" of the Sagittarian centaurs. With their long legs, strong body and large lungs they are built for the life on the move. Sturdy, tough and fast, one should not underestimate the Equines. They can outrun the other types easily, and deliver fatal kicks.
The Equine males are often the biggest of all centaur types on the isle, and the females follow right behind them. But like with all types, there is a lot of variety within the Equines. The tallest recorded Equine height has been 170 cm / 5' 7" at the withers, while shortest healthy Equines are typically 132 cm / 4' 4".

Coats of Equines are usually short, smooth and shiny. They are sleek and even satin like, and the texture follows to their hair and tails. It is common to see Equine centaurs with long, flowy hair and tails, and many take pride in decorating their hair.


Typically Equines are very family oriented centaurs, who prefer to live in communities. These tightly knit communities consist of many families, and many generations. Typically Equine communities as well as families are matriarchal. It's common to see whole villages having only Equine centaurs living in it, everybody knowing each other. They look after each other, helpfulness being highly valued trait. It's rare to see a lone Equine, but they do exist. Not everyone likes a closed in community, where neighbors know your businesses better than you.

From other centaur types of the Isle Equines tolerate the Cervines the most, while being wary towards Felines. Cervines are like cousins for them, and you can often see these communities living next to each other, or even together.  

Most if not all equines are fully vegans, yet exceptions exist.

Extra info

  • Physically strong and durable, at least in theory. In practice they can get easily hurt, especially the young ones.
  • Some equine centaurs prefer to install shoes on their hooves, but going without them is common as well.
  • Equines centaurs have deep love towards history and literature