Natural Black & White

Natural black and white markings are a free marking you can display on your centaurs design if you wish to.
They allow for some creative freedom, especially with facial markings. 

Marking edge

You are free to mix marking edges

Marking rules

  • Natural black and White must stay unsaturated, and clearly distinguishable to be white or black. So no greys, dark blues/other colors or browns for black. And no cream, peach, grey etc for white.
  • You can use both black and white in one design. But pay mind if you choose to blend the markings, as they are not allowed to blend into grey.
  • You are not obliged to use all the max-area points, and can choose minimal expression.
  • Natural black and white can color the centaurs tail tips. They are not presented in the ranges, but remember that it is only the tip of the tail. Too large coloring of the tail will get denied.
  • There is no layering rules to natural black and white. 
  • Otherwise you have creative freedom on displaying nat black&white on centaurs faces, but they cannot resemble currently available other markings.

Click the banner to enter Marking Range folder!  

Use of this color slider is not mandatory. Nat. Black markings should always be desaturated black, but not 100% black as linearts need to be visible through the marking color.